Laminar Energizing Crystals by TransDerma Minerals

Laminar Energizing Crystals by TransDerma Minerals


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Create Your Own Energy Device that Lasts Forever


Contains: 1.8 kg or 4 lbs.

 Product Overview:

The Laminar Crystals collect life force energies that you can use to:

  • Create Devices that Energize Your Water and Food
  • Build Your Own Energy Charger (pillow, sleeping mat or pet's bed)
  • Build your own ceramics or orgone accumulators
  • Enhance water quality in drinks and food
  • Restore Life Force in massage or aromatherapy oils
  • Harmonize all living cells in your body
  • Create awesome resting places for people or pets

Get your Laminar Crystals in bulk for you to create your own energy devices.


Water that is left in contact with the influence of laminar crystals for some time goes through a conversion.

First it becomes a cell hydrating fluid that can be used for anything that common water is used for. With longer processing the water is drained of the static (os scalar) charges that maintain its memory through weak electric bonds. Jim Carter used to call this second stage Magic Water. It is best used for regeneration of dehydrated cells. 

Hydration is the single most important factor in elasticity and appearance of the skin. Magic Water is a form of water that is readily accepted by living cells. It should be used to 

  • restore moisture to the skin, especially the face
  • remedy dry and itchy eyes
  • soothe irritated lungs and sinuses
  • remedy for yeast infection
  • relieve and restore burns
  • soothe bug bites
  • relieve itching

We have found that leaving water in contact with Laminar Crystal devices, four measurable characteristics change:

  1. lower surface tension (as if you added soap)
  2. lower ORP (as if you added anti-oxidants)
  3. lower acidity (as if you added baking soda)
  4. lower cluster size (as if the water came from a mountain spring)

Directions for Use 

To energize any liquid, simply immerse the container of liquid into a bowl of Laminar Crystals. You will need about 4 times the amount of Laminar Crystals to water (1 gallon Laminar Crystals to treat 1 quart of water, and about, 5 gallons Laminar Crystals to treat 1 gallon of water). 

To create an Energy Device to keep on or near your body, encase the Laminar Crystals into a pouch, pillow, or mattress. 

Recommended Use 

Use Laminar Crystals to create energy devices, water chargers, orgone chargers, HHGs.

Ingredients: Life energy collecting silicates. We believe they are rich in ormus.


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Questions & Answers

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  • Do Laminar crystals wear out? I mean, do they ever need to be replaced because they are used up or old? Thank you so much! Most gratefully, Claudia Frantz

    Thank you for the question! The short answer is no, they are already millions of years old, and their function is not consuming them in any way. Sort of like a crystal on the shelf - it will always work.