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Apple Fiber Boost Gut Health by Exsula Superfoods - 10.6oz/300g

Apple Fiber Boost Gut Health by Exsula Superfoods - 10.6oz/300g


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Apple Fiber by Exsula Superfoods - Improve Bowel Regularity


Contains: 300 g. / 10.6 oz. powder.

Improve Your Digestion and Bowel Regularity, Help Bind and Eliminate Toxins

Improving your digestion will enhance your nutrient absorption and waste elimination, thereby energizing your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing. Allowing yourself to detox is a great first step to battling both obesity and abnormal glucose levels.

This very special high quality, pure apple fiber is naturally occurring, and extracted with minimal processing. Natural pectin is neither removed, nor added back. The peel and dried apple pulp are included, rich in soluble and insoluble apple fibers, with all the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants retained. As a cholesterol-lowering agent, apple fiber is even more effective than oat bran and psyllium. Even more impressive, research suggests that apple fiber may battle or guard against colon tumors by accelerating the elimination of toxins.

  • Promotes Digestive Regularity and a Healthy Intestinal Tract
  • Reduces Cholesterol and the Risk of Major Diseases
  • Strengthens Your Immune and Lymphatic Systems

Our ancestors believed the old proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but they probably didn't understand why. Nutritional scientists have researched for evidence to verify that apples are good for our health. And here's what they found:

"An Apple a Day" is good for...

  • Improved digestive tract health
  • Loss of fat weight & belly inches - normalization of body shape
  • Incredibly economical results - "got my health back & saved $ thousands $"
  • Instantly restored regularity - optimal intestinal, colon & lymphatic cleansing
  • Better results from water - cleansing of whole body & all systems
  • Fewer allergies
  • Steady reductions in heavy metal toxicity symptoms
  • More energy & sharper mind
  • Feel much better fed on much less food
  • Reduced spending on food
  • Lower cholesterol & and better athletic performance
  • Fewer & shorter colds & infections
  • Free-radicals simply eliminated from body
  • Apple Fiber helps all body systems to run more efficiently
  • Trimmer Body Shape through Cleansing & Keeping Your Colon on Schedule
  • Radiant Beauty from Inside Out through Removal of Toxins

Easy to use, just add to juice, enrich a nutritious shake. Also delicious in bread and baked goods and a healthy addition to hot or cold cereals.

You Need Apple Fiber Supplementation

Your body is entirely dependent upon you to eat both soluble & insoluble fiber from plant sources. Processed foods and meat diets are tragically low in fiber. Without adequate fiber, your digestive tract is sabotaged. Your abdomen becomes not unlike a city in a condition of continuous traffic grid-lock where vital resources go undelivered, garbage accumulates, and emergency services are hindered or blocked. Eventually, every organ, system and cell of your 'city' becomes clogged and dysfunctional.

Fortunately, by faithfully tending your body's needs with Apple Fiber, you can reverse the downward spiral and restore healthy function, top performance, and a sense of feeling incredibly clean, energetic and alive!

What Is Apple Fiber?

It's the "bridgework" holding the apple's liquid in the shape of an apple.

Apple Fiber's tough, mineral-rich, sponge-like and gel-like qualities survive your digestion, to perform SEVEN indispensable services in your lower digestive tract:

  1. Absorbs water so your meal's consistency is kept just right for complete healthy digestion.
  2. Helps keep your intestinal lining clean of toxic sludge, harmful yeast, bacteria and parasites, promoting full nutrient assimilation.
  3. Fosters beneficial flora as important allies for your digestive and immune systems.
  4. Gathers liquid wastes directly from your lymphatic system with its hydrophilic properties, for most efficient elimination of toxic free-radicals.
  5. Apprehends heavy metals with its porous structure so they leave via your intestinal tract, and are not reabsorbed.
  6. Helps your body to vanquish cholesterol by seizing it and simply escorting it away.
  7. Wonderful Bonus! As fiber swells early in a meal, it provides a quicker feeling of fullness so you eat less food, and less cholesterol! At the same time, fiber slows the absorption of fats and sugars so you experience more sustained energy and endurance after each meal, rather than the 'sugar rush' and 'craving' sensations which drive overeating, fat storage, and body bulges.

Pure and Natural High-Pectin Apple Fiber Powder, Unique Superfood Grade

Complete, after-cider-pressing, minimally processed, peel included, dried apple pulp.

Rich in soluble and insoluble apple fibers, plus naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants retained.

20% of this daily fiber content is available as soluble fiber, primarily pectin (pectin not removed nor added back).

The rich pectin and phytonutrient content of this very special, high quality apple fiber is naturally occurring as a result of minimal processing.

And No Other Ingredients



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Questions & Answers

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  • Why is fiber important in our diets?

    A high-fiber diet can help normalize bowel movements, lower cholesterol level, help maintain bowel health, help control blood sugar levels and assist in achieving healthy weight. Adding adequate amount of fiber in your diet could also help you maintain heart health and could lower your risks of hemorroids. Fiber could also act as a detoxifying agent, as it can keep your bowel and colon healthy and regulated.

  • How is Apple Fiber by Exsula Superfoods different from other supplements?

    Our products, including Apple Fiber, do not contain fillers. They are exactly what the labels say; nothing more, nothing less.

  • How do I enjoy my Apple Fiber?

    It is critical to provide Apple Fiber with abundant amounts of water and liquids, to activate its incredible benefits. Water alone or fiber alone, do little good. Substantial amounts of both together are absolutely required to activate the process.

    Twice daily, simply blend up to 2 teaspoons, to at least 5 ounces of your favorite juice, nutritious shake or Energized Water to hydrate Apple Fiber. Never make it too thick. Or sprinkle the dry powder over cereals, salads or pasta, or mix it into your favorite baking recipes.

    Start with 1/4 teaspoon daily, increasing gradually to your optimal amount. A good basic goal is 4 teaspoons daily. This provides the pure Apple Fiber equivalent of 11 medium apples. Initial results may temporarily require 2 or 3 times the basic amount, while your sustained usage may only be 1 or 2 teaspoons per day.

    For absolute optimum results take it with our XtraPure Lecithin or Strata-Flora, our whole-body all-systems cleansing formula. And remember Iridesca or Advancium, our Full-Spectrum SuperFood Blends. Always drink plentiful amounts of pure water, preferably Energized Water.

  • What are the recommended use of Apple Fiber?

    All the health benefits of more fiber: improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption and waste elimination, thereby energizing your immune system for overall increased health, vitality and healing.