Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen by Elemental Wizdom

Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen by Elemental Wizdom

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Elemental Wizdom's Pine Pollen Powder is a fully bio-available hormone balancing compound with immunity enhancing properties. Benefits include:

  • Tonifies endocrine system*
  • Optimizes testosterone*

Pine pollen is an excellent source of immune system-feeding polysaccharides, as well as DHEA, a precursor to male and female sex hormones, shown to be associated with high levels of energy and well-being, low obesity, enhanced libido, reduced depression and enhanced cognition.*

Pine Pollen Benefits:

Increased Sexual Drive and Performance
One of the key benefits of Pine Pollen stems from the fact that it naturally contains bio-available forms of androgenic hormones like testosterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and epitestosterone. Pine pollen is rich in DHEA, which plays a crucial role in hormone production in the body. DHEA imbalances can lead to such conditions as depression, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and cognitive issues.  Additionally, Pine Pollen also contains a wide variety of other phyto-steroidal compounds that are essential for supporting and maintaining healthy erections, stamina, and a healthy sexual drive. Pine pollen has loads of sterols, which are naturally occurring plant steroids. Phytoandrogens are a very rare nutrient to find, especially from plant food. What makes pine pollen so unique is that instead of simply providing you a boost of testosterone, it actually promotes your body's ability to build its own. Pine pollen acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Why does this matter? Because inflammation is one of the primary drivers behind erectile dysfunction in humans.*

In pine pollen, sterols work to benefit your total health in a range of ways:
• Brassinolide improves liver function*
• Castasterone is a strong antiviral*
• Gibberellins help regulate prostate size*

The pollen is considerably more potent as an extract when taken for these purposes and can be specifically useful for middle-aged adults, between 40-50, and the hormonal fluctuations that occur with the aging process. Men in particular, usually by the age of 50, produce substantially less testosterone. This is especially true after male "andropause".*

Naturally Supports Testosterone and Lean Muscle Growth
One of the most desired benefits of Pine Pollen for men is that Pine Pollen naturally supports the growth and maintenance of lean muscle and optimal testosterone. The natural hormones found in pollen provide the body with a supplemental source of the essential hormones necessary to grow and maintain lean muscle. the phytoandrogens are the reason that pine pollen is so sought after as a workout supplement. It’s almost certainly the best supplement that’s been discovered yet for increasing levels of hormones needed for building muscle and strength. Pine pollen is a good source of minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, zinc and selenium.*
Recent studies have shown that Pine Pollen may be one of the most powerful foods for slowing down the aging process by improving immune function and lowering the systemic inflammation that often leads to cellular oxidation. Pine pollen has been used in China for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory treatment, as a way to clean up free radicals, and to slow the aging process.*
Some of the antioxidant-related properties of pine pollen that may slow the aging process include:

  • Increasing levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), one of the bodies master antioxidants*
  • Increasing glutathione levels, which helps to detoxify environmental pollutants and oxidative stress from the body*
  • Supporting optimal testosterone levels*
  • Reducing lipofuscin deposits which affect the heart, brain, and liver* 

A small study performed on mice and published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity investigated the potential of pine pollen to combat markers of aging*

Pine pollen is proved to delay the replicative senescence of human diploid fibroblasts and block D-galactose-induced increase of serum and cerebral AGEs level in model mouse, which may result in the reversal of D-galactose-induced aging effects in both neural and inflammation system. It is possible that pine pollen exerts its anti-aging effects at least partially by its NEG-inhibiting effect in vivo. Our work first directly proves the antiaging efficacy of the natural agent both in vivo and in vitro and thus inspires the new application for this drug in the gerontological area.”*

Generally, pine pollen as a supplement is not recommended for children and should be avoided by male adolescents, who on average naturally produce healthy amounts of testosterone. While pine pollen isn't normally the cause of allergies for most people, they can definitely induce this response in certain individuals and are best avoided internally under such circumstances.*

Enhances Mood and Cognitive Function
This is where the hormones present in pine pollen come into play again. A correct balance of hormones lends itself to a feeling of overall well-being.*
Pine pollen contains phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is a nutrient that’s important for maintaining mood. It’s a component of many of the neurotransmitters that are used to help maintain a good mental outlook.*

Phenylalanine is actually one of the precursor compounds for dopamine, which is the main neurotransmitter associated with mood, motivation, and wellbeing. When we feel accomplished or satisfied, our brain is releasing a surge of dopamine. This, in turn, renders pine pollen a natural depression treatment.*

Having a good source of phenylalanine in your body means that your brain will actually be better able to produce dopamine. This is particularly useful if you suffer from a dopamine imbalance or are stressed or unhappy.*
Pine pollen is also a great source of amino acids and antioxidants. These can help to regulate levels of stress hormones in the body and encourage the proper flow of blood. It can help reduce high blood pressure.*

With healthy blood flow, your brain and organs will be able to receive oxygen easier. Without oxygen, your brain will suffer and you won’t be able to think as quickly or as well. Foods like pine pollen, that can improve the oxygenation of the brain, can help improve cognition.*
Pine Pollen Precautions
Just like anything that you’re putting into your body, it’s important to make sure that you’re aware of the potential side effects of taking pine pollen. While it’s generally considered a superfood, even the healthiest foods can cause adverse reactions.*

One thing to be cautious of is allergic reactions. If you have serious allergies to tree nuts, pollen, or the bark of certain trees, you’ll probably want to avoid consuming pine pollen.*

It is important to start using pine pollen in small amounts, regardless of whether you have hormonal problems or not. It is possible that the large amounts of Phyto-androgens could upset the balance of your hormonal system if it is already fairly balanced.*

Don’t use pine pollen if you are already taking other supplements for your hormones.*

A number of articles about the product call pine pollen miraculous and the secret to longevity. It can provide essential nutrients and can replace pharmacological hormone regulating products. Relying on a natural remedy is always a safer decision. It lacks the side effects of pharmaceuticals, restores balance and provides various additional health benefits that should be taken into consideration.*

100% Pure Raw Wild Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen.

4 oz and 8 oz

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