10 Beauty tips - by The Superfood Blog

10 Beauty tips - by The Superfood Blog

A lot of you lovely people have been asking for my summer beauty tips so I have put together a list of my favourite things!

I have been lucky to discover some incredible products and brands since starting Miss Eco Glam back in 2009, and have tested out literally hundreds of different things. All are good, because organic and natural ingredients are I think superior to the typical toxic ingredients most brands use, with some being wonderful and lots being just brilliant! None of the products listed below have been tested on animals and if any animal ingredients are used it is beeswax, and nothing else. Most of these products are vegan as well.

Obviously there is a lot on this list, and I am not saying anyone needs this amount; it’s just about what you can afford, what feels useful to you and what you like to use.

Beauty is really always about being healthy and also being beautiful on the inside, so a great diet and attitude as you are well aware, is much more important than makeup and beauty products but if you still like to look a bit more glam when going out, you might like to try some of these products. They are also a great idea for gift giving when you want someone you care about to take better care of their skin.

You should be able to buy most of these things from your local health food shop as many are popular brands, but I have included the website links for you in case you don’t recognise the brands.

1. Cleansing

Most useful and economical cleansing product for face, body, teeth and loads of other things!

First and foremost, I cannot live without my Dr Bronner’s 18-1 Castile Liquid Soap. This product can be used for SO much stuff, not only cleaning you, but cleaning the dog (or cat!), the bathroom, the kitchen, bathroom, cars, laundry etc. I even use it to clean my teeth! The list really goes on! Made with organic hemp oil and coconut oils, Dr Bronner’s maybe one of the most ethical products there is. Dr Bronner’s also donate stacks of money to various charities and only deal with fair trade companies. If you like to keep your products to a minimum then this is a must! There are quite a few flavours but my favourite is the rose scented. My tip – By the largest size, change the lid to a pump top on it instead, to make it last longer. Also a great tip from my friend Alice, try mixing 3 parts olive oil to 1.5 parts to the Tea Tree soap and hey presto you have a gorgeous gentle anti-bacterial face cleanser, why not add one part sugar or oatmeal to turn it into an exfoliator too. You can adjust the balance of oil, soap and sugar to suit your skin.

2. Deodorant

I haven’t used the typical deodorant for years; I knew from a young age that they were toxic and causing so much ill health. With so much breast cancer on the rise, it’s almost proven that this is a direct cause. My problem with natural deodorants was that they just didn’t really do a great job! Thank goodness I found this one! Pit rock is made from totally natural mineral salts and designed especially for sensitive skin; it allows the elimination of toxins by allowing the pores to breathe.

3. Tinted Moisturiser

I love tinted moisturisers; it tends to make the skin look fresh and dewy without being too heavy. Lavera, my all time favourite organic, natural skincare and makeup brand, makes the best one I have tried. With loads of organic ingredients, and all at least coming from natural origin, it really is great knowing if you are having a bad skin day, this product will help heal and soothe the skin, whilst making it look better too

4. Compact Foundation Powder

If you wear makeup and prefer a compact, then you might love as I do, Green People’s, which is a certified organic foundation and powder. Available in 3 shades (am sure they will be adding more to the range) it covers up skin flawlessly and does not feel heavy. And the beauty of Mineral Makeup is that it is good for your skin and requires minimal touch ups

5. Loose Minerals foundation

If you are more inclined to use a loose powder, then go for my new favourite, Loose Minerals by Samina Pure. Just new to the market, this range is aimed at Muslim women (as they often get missed out in Beauty campaigns) but is available in 5 shades for the rest of us ladies. I adore loose minerals; they go a heck of a long way and can be used as concealer as well with a small wet brush so great for covering up spots and other marks you don’t want the world to see

6. Versatile Makeup Product

Suki, who make fabulous truly organic makeup, have one of my favourite products, their ‘Lip/Cheek Stain’ which I use every day. It’s a little pot that can be used on the lips or cheeks instead of lip-gloss/stick or blush. I adore the shade ‘Sandstone’, which is a creamy pinky/apricot, as it looks quite natural and when I wear it, people often say that I look healthy and have a glow (like what Miss Shazzie Love has naturally!). I love that you can wear it on the lips too and apply some clear gloss over it. You could also put on the eyelids as well and put some powder over the top to set it so that it doesn’t bleed or go sticky. I apply it with a small foundation brush, applying a few stripes to the cheek area and blending in with fingertips. It’s so good for the skin as well and does not have anything toxic in it. It comes in 7 shades, my pot has lasted me 6 months and there is still a lot more uses left!

7. Mascara

Again, my favourite brand Lavera, have won an award from me for their mascara. I love that it lifts and separates the lashes, competes with the high street brands for effectiveness and treats the lashes as well from the healing ingredients such as jojoba wax and rose damascena extract.
8. Portable Safe Water Bottle

This is one of my all time favourite things. The best portable water filter bottle there is on the market. Great quality, stainless steel with no toxic coating, the filter will last for a whole year and you can even use water from a swimming pool, flood, or even if you had to, the toilet! Although that’s only if desperate measures call! Designed by the US Military, it filters water so well that it always has a wonderful taste. It has passed through many rigorous tests and replaces toxic and wasteful bottled water.

9. Fake Tan

Fake tans can be highly toxic and smell so bad and also dry out the skin terribly but thankfully you don’t have to see them like this anymore! Lavera have the best Natural Spray Tan to hit the market and will give you a lovely golden colour that is not too heavy, nor will come off patchy. With lovely fruit oils in the formula and a hint of sparkle, it really makes the skin look so pretty. A bit of natural sun is always the best for your skin, but we all know that in the UK, sun doesn’t appear very often so if you want to, fake it! Priced at £ 15.50 for 200mls, will last for ages! Lavera also sell a fake tan cream as well for people that prefer a thicker consistency.

10. Lip Gloss

I can’t live without lip glosses and hardly ever wear lipstick as I prefer the texture of the gloss and they are much more moisturising for the lips. Madara is a beautiful organic skincare brand from the country Latvia, in the Baltic Region where they have super short summers (someone told me only a week!) so things grow very quickly and very powerfully, creating super potent ingredients. They have four lip glosses in their range and the Moonkissed is my favourite. A light pinky peach colour and contains absolutely no nasties so safe to wear on the lips!

More beauty tips from Miss Eco Glam very soon.

Anna Rodgers

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