Vital Affiliates



The Golden Secrets was created by Jesse Golden, renowned model, Hatha yoga teacher, and Holistic Health practitioner. The Golden Secrets products are multi-purpose, synergistic blends of therapeutic-grade oils and plant botanicals that are handcrafted in California.

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Cymbiotika offers products made in the USA that are organic, vegan, soy free, and gluten free. Their selection includes products containing vitamin C, D3, K2, CoQ10, omega 3, B12, and more!

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Ra Optics offers non-prescription, reader, and prescription glasses with blue blockers to protect your brain from blue light frequencies that come from man made light (like your phone or computer screen). 

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energybits offers naturally grown, toxin-free, Non-GMO algae tablets for optimal nutrition!

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Leaps and Rebounds offers rebounder trampolines for exercise fun and fitness!

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PristineWellness, based in Orange County, now offers their Cold-Brewed PristineHydro High Alkaline pH+ Magnesium Water and PristineNutrition products online!

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