2 things to make you look and feel fantastic - by The Superfood Blog

2 things to make you look and feel fantastic - by The Superfood Blog

Part of my very tough ‘job (cough cough!) is to test out beauty treatments and products. I get sent things all the time, most are good, but few are incredible. So when I stumble across things I love, I really want to tell the world about it. This past month, I have discovered some fantastic things!

Tua Tre’nd

I had plastic surgery a few years ago, long before I turned ‘eco’ and I vowed to never go under the knife again. It’s too risky and dangerous and a massive strain on the body, not to mention very painful!

However because of my career as a Beauty Therapist, I am still concerned with looking good and healthy for as long as possible and I regularly search for things to help without needing to rely on surgery.

The raw way of eating is of course fantastic for making the skin glow but there comes a time when we may need a little help with our muscles and contours of the face – the ones that tend to enjoy heading south! We know to exercise our body and so it makes sense to exercise our face too.

The Tina Richards Tua Tre’nd is a small and compact handheld machine that helps to lift and firm sagging areas of the face, neck and eye area. These facial exercising treatments are not new to the market, with many salons offering non-surgical face lift treatments. However these can quickly drain your finances if you were to have ten sessions as well as monthly maintenance sessions — it would be costing you thousands of pounds before you knew it, not to mention the trips to the salon which can be a big hassle when leading a busy life.

I am all for things you can do yourself at home that save money!

The Tua Tre’nd really is the best facial exercising machine that I have come across and I have tried quite a few. Many have really annoying pads you have to stick on your face and cords that seem to get twisted and caught up with things and often require you to use a gel to conduct the electricity. The Tua T’rend is used with only tap water and is also powered with reusable batteries (fabulous, less waste!) and there’s only one cord which attaches the little electrode pivot that you gently move over the face and neck.

It works by sending microcurrents to parts of the face and neck, one area at a time. You follow a program and move around sections of the face. You can adjust the strength from quite low through to very high — as time goes by you will be able to cope with a higher current as your muscles become stronger. If you have just one area of your face that bothers you, then you can just work on that, cutting down the treatment time.

You can do the thirty minute session every day for five to six days per week for the first three months and then three times a week for maintenance. You can do it on clean skin or over your makeup!
Many of these types of machines are often seen as gimmicks, but it truly does work because I have seen the results on my own face. I noticed a result after only four times (although results may vary according to how often you do it). I have seen quite a bit of a lift in my cheeks, they look much higher. It’s also quite amazing what it can do for the brow area, really lifting them up, making you look more awake!

I have also noticed the darkish circles which I sometimes get under my eyes are looking a lot better because the program also works on this area. The special program for this area feels like shiatsu massage; with tiny pulses designed to encourage better circulation and push the toxins away. If you have bags underneath your eyes then the microcurrent will help tighten those muscles. The machine is also fabulous for improving the general tone of the face.

So eating raw and using something like this is a fabulous combination which is bound to give you results. Once you tested out of one of these, you will visibly see the machine tightening the muscles. It really is like a gym workout for the face.

The machine is very easy to use, just follow the instructions and the diagram on the actual device, making it simple to know what to do next. I use this when watching something on the television, and love that I can do two things at once.

Whilst it may seem expensive at first, bear in mind that most salon treatments with this kind of technology are often around £60-£80 each for one session. So for the same price as four salon sessions, you could own your own machine to use again and again.

Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment

I took a trip to the Lush Spa on the Kings Road this month, super excited about their new ‘Synaesthesia Treatment’. I was very intrigued by what I had previously seen after viewing their video of it on the Lush Website and I was very curious how it was all going to work.

Lush are famous for their unique concepts, quirky, pretty, smelly and colourful presentation of their products and their huge stance on supporting bringing awareness against animal testing.

I like the fact that they also do not use any companies that are linked to animal testing as well. They also do a heck of a lot of charity work, here and overseas.

Whilst they don’t have their entire range completely preservative free, there are quite a lot of products that are natural, some organic too and others have minimal chemical content such as (0.01%).

During my 1 1/2 hour of pure and utter bliss, only a small number of products were used and all were completely preservative free.

Synaesthesia comes from the word, ‘ Sensation’ and this treatment has been designed around stimulating the senses such as sound, touch, scent, colour and imagination.

The music is what makes this treatment so special. Lush have worked with a very talented group of musicians who are called ‘The Imagined Village’ and have made pieces of music, purely designed for their spa treatments. You can even purchase the full length CD after your treatment to take home with you.

I am not usually one for music playing in my treatments, I often find that the music can be annoying or distracting from relaxing but with this treatment it makes it so amazing. I was surprised at how I really noticed all the different sounds, at times, birds chirping and owls hooting as well as singing. This cleverly produced music really transported me along with it I was truly amazed at how I felt afterwards too.

The speakers in the room are in each corner of the room, with the bed in the middle, so that you feel you are really immersed in the music. The volume for me was at the perfect level. Not too loud, but loud enough to evoke happy thoughts and feelings.

The treatment, which is a facial and body massage, also combines hot and cold stones which are placed and massaged on the face and body and back.

A deliciously creamy and scented massage bar, chosen by yourself is used instead of an oil and is just the most beautiful and relaxing way to get a massage. The bar melts as its moved over and around your body and leaves the skin afterwards feeling just incredible. You will not want to wash this off!

The treatment time is perfect, being one and half hours, makes it that much more enjoyable as you don’t feel like you are being rushed. I find hour long treatments seem to be over before you know it, not quite getting you to that deeply relaxed state.

The massage technique is very soothing and incredibly relaxing with deep long strokes all over the face, body and back, all being in time with the music.

The Spa itself is very cute with an English Country cottage, with a kitchen table where you sit and have your consultation. The rooms are also designed like an English bedroom complete with wood duchess.

The most amazing part of the super cute room, is the little bubbling dry ice pots in each corner on a tiny shelf, that make the most amazing sound when you are having your treatment. Imagine an old fashioned scientist creating potions with his bunsen burner and thats the sound it makes!

The details that lush have incorporated into this treatment is like nothing I have seen before. From the moment you arrive to leaving, it is just fabulous.

I felt incredible after my time was up. I have never walked out of a treatment feeling like I was that day, so relaxed, yet so energetic and happy.

It was actually like an awakening experience and I felt the positive and energising effects for days afterwards.

I was very surprised at how special this treatment was. I always thought that Lush was a cutesy type company, now I think they are the place to go for one of the most relaxing and creative spa treatments.

There are a few Lush Spas over England and many more will be opening up soon. As Lush is a global company, they are also open in other parts of the world too.

Anna Rodgers

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