Are You Getting Your Greens? – Trophic Greens Supplement Review - by Living Pretty Natural

Are You Getting Your Greens? – Trophic Greens Supplement Review - by Living Pretty Natural

While nothing beats getting your fresh greens, supplementing them when you’re on the go isn’t a bad idea.  I’ve shopped around a lot and had a hard time finding a greens supplement that did not contain sweeteners, preservatives, wheat or yeast. Because of the “greeny” taste, many products come with some form of sweetener (watch out for that). I don’t mind the taste, since I usually add it to my green smoothie which has enough fruit to over power any argumentative taste buds. But to be honest, I don’t mind just throwing a tea spoon in water and drinking it down – especially when I’m in a rush.

Why Greens?

The brand I have been using is by Trophic, a Canadian company based out of Penticton, BC. Their supplement is called Trophic Greens Concentrate Powder and is teeming with antioxidants and super-foods, which fight off the age-inducing free radicals we’ve discussed in earlier posts. This greens concentrate contains spirulina, organic kamut & barley juice powder, goji berry powder, organic red beet juice powder, organic chlorella, acai berry extract, pomegranate juice powder and a dairy free probiotic. When you take a greens supplement, (in addition to your healthy diet) you are helping to boost your immune system’s function, increase your energy levels and keep your cells happy, healthy and beautiful (yes, cells can be beautiful too). :)

The key ingredients in your greens supplement are the Queen Green Bees: Chlorella and Spirulina. Why are they so good? Well, Chlorella is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, nucleic acids and lipids. Many use Chlorella for its “anti-properties”, that is, it is known to be: antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Chlorella is also used by people undergoing cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy because of its potent antioxidant properties and nutrient density. Spirulina possesses many of these properties as well, but it is mostly well known for helping immune system functionality.

Trophic Greens Concentrate retails for about $40 CAD and can be found in many health food stores in Canada and the US.

A Healthy Reminder:

Remember, natural and fresh daily greens is essential, but supplementing adds a nice kick to help you towards your health and natural beauty goals. Take your greens in your morning smoothie, or just mix up 1 tsp with water in the mornings. For those lovelies who have severe gluten intolerance, please note, there is 0.05mg of gluten per teaspoon.

Where to Buy:

Health Food Stores in Canada and the US

Select Whole Foods


Truly Green Beauty!



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