Beauty Benefits of Ginger – Detox Ginger Tea Recipe

Beauty Benefits of Ginger – Detox Ginger Tea Recipe

Good Morning, Gorgeous!

It’s morning and I just finished drinking some ginger tea, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the wonderful beauty properties ginger possesses.

Why is Ginger Beneficial for Beauty?

I always talk about beauty coming from the inside out – literally – and that is one of the reasons why ginger is such a critical element to add to your beauty regimen. Ginger is one of the best digestive aids that money can buy, but why is that good for your natural beauty? The digestive tract plays a huge role in how our skin looks (both in regards to wrinkles and acne, among other things). Because ginger aids digestion, it helps speed up the removal of toxins as well as promotes our circulation. What does that mean for your beauty? Well, essentially less spots and a decrease in the aging process. Ginger is also high in Vitamin C – one of our main antioxidants used for fighting wrinkles (ever noticed how many anti-aging products promote the fact they have Vitamin C?). Beyond all these great properties, the anti-inflammatory nature of ginger also helps fight wrinkles and soften your skin.

Add ginger to your cooking, smoothies and raw soups for some extra flavor and great beauty benefits – you’ll be glad you did. Try my ginger tea recipe (if you can even call it a recipe lol)

Ginger Tea Recipe

My tea this morning was quick and easy. I simply:

  • Chopped up and peeled 1/2 an inch of raw organic ginger
  • Boiled water and added to a mug with the chunks of ginger at the bottom (if you don’t like the idea of ginger floating around, use a loose tea strainer)
  • Steeped for a few minutes before adding some lemon juice
  • And then I enjoyed it :)

This is a super morning detox tea, really great for cleaning out the liver before you’ve eaten anything, and not a bad tea to have every morning if you feel so inclined.

Ginger as a Medicinal Aid

Even beyond the beauty benefits, ginger is a great medicinal aid. It helps with digestive upsets such as nausea and umm… other less pleasant situations. Stay away from those over the counter anti-acids and pink chalk fluids (gross!), and try drinking some ginger tea or even chew on some peeled ginger root. Have arthritis or osteoarthritis? As I noted earlier ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and actually inhibits the little nasties that cause inflammation.

Good Morning, Lovelies!




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