Beauty hacks from One Love moms

Beauty hacks from One Love moms

The lazy days of summer have retreated. The season of back to school and back to busy is upon us. Before the soccer-practice-PTA-play-date onslaught arrives, we asked some OLO moms to share their top skincare tips for life on the go.

amandaMOM: Amanda Hume
OCCUPATION: Owner, VERT Beauty (Denver)
KIDS: Vivian, 20 months (“the sweetest little person”)

As a green beauty devotee, my business, a green beauty boutique, fuels my passion. But it’s important to find balance, particularly with an active toddler in the house. Family time is essential, and our lovely setting in Colorado allows us to spend much of it outdoors—hiking, driving up to the mountains, or just hanging out on the patio.

That said the call of duty is ever present. I shave time off my beauty routine with Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, which removes my makeup and cleanses my face. I apply one to two pumps on my dry face then press a warm washcloth on top for a deep cleanse. It smells heavenly and makes my skin feel incredibly soft.

Mom: Rachel Mountis
Occupation: Brand Strategist, Taylor Burke Home (Charleston, SC)
Kids: Max, 5, and Mason, 3

I find something sacred in beauty rituals. I remember watching my grandmother apply her night cream before bed and thinking she was so beautiful. For me, it’s a sign of self-care and not putting myself at the bottom of the list, which is so easy to do as a mom. It’s time just for me, and I’m serious about it!

Thank goodness I’m a morning person, as I find the only way to catch some quiet time before the madness of kids is to get up crazy early. Caffeine, of course, is critical—both in my cup and on my skin. Morning Glory, with its caffeinated energy blend, wakes up my skin and helps me face the day. It works great under makeup (if I get to makeup) and on its own for a glowing, refreshed look that can fool even me into thinking I got enough sleep.  

bethMom: Beth Williams
Occupation: Founder, Gal Friday (Saint Simons Island, GA)
Kids: Izzie, 4, and Whit, 9 months

My official title is Curator of Chaos, whether that’s planning a wedding, overseeing a home remodel, or helping a new mom ease into motherhood. Since my business is to be the calm in the storm, it’s important that I look the part. One Love Organics is my secret weapon.

I wash my face with Easy Does It every day, morning and night. It’s a great multi-tasker—I’ll even wash my daughter’s hair with it. I’m also religious about applying Vitamin E Eye Balm and Vitamin C Facial Serum. (I suffered horrible pregnancy mask throughout my first pregnancy, and I swear Vitamin C saved me from it during the second.) I love Vitamin D Moisture Mist to set my mineral makeup in the morning and as a refresher throughout the day. You can’t say I don’t take my vitamins!