Brazilian ginseng – three great reasons to ‘go Brazilian’!

Brazilian ginseng – three great reasons to ‘go Brazilian’!

As next year’s World Cup draws ever near, those not so keen on football might be forgiven for having already had their fill of ‘Brazil fever’. Yet, there are three great reasons for going Brazilian that have absolutely nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with a supreme superfood extract from the vibrant South American country – Brazilian ginseng powder. To discover more about this strapping adaptogenic herb and three associated health benefits, read on!

Brazilian ginseng

What is Brazilian ginseng powder?

Brazilian ginseng powder is a powerful superfood derived from the root of the Pfaffia Paniculata, a ground vine known as Brazilian ginseng. Just like standard ginseng, Brazilian ginseng powder is loaded with beneficial nutrients vitamins, minerals (including iron, magnesium, cobalt, silicon and zinc), electrolytes, amino acids, hormones (sitosterol and stipmasterol) and the trace mineral, germanium and has been directly linked to a number of important health benefits. Indeed, the natural saponins called pfaffosides found in Brazilian ginseng not only protect the plant from harmful fungi and bacteria, they’re also routinely harnessed in traditional Chinese medicine to regulate blood sugar levels, whilst South American tribes have been using Brazilian ginseng to treat wounds and skin rashes, boost their energy levels, heighten libido and strengthen immunity for thousands of years. In fact, locally Brazilian ginseng is considered so salutary that it is often referred to as ‘para tudo’, which means ‘for everything’ in Portuguese and alludes to the superfood’s seemingly infinite powers.

Three great reasons to add Brazilian ginseng powder to your diet

1) Brazilian ginseng powder for increased energy and heightened libido

Brazilian ginseng powder is particularly revered for its unrivalled energy boosting properties  – today it is frequently found in fashionable energy drinks and commonly recommended for those suffering from the debilitating condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition Brazilian ginseng powder is a potent aphrodisiac that is believed to heighten libido and, as it helps to eliminate both physical and mental sexual blockages, can be used to treat a number of sexual disorders such as impotency, frigidity and low libido.

2) Brazilian ginseng powder for enhanced athletic performance

Brazilian ginseng powder has become a sought-after superfood supplement for top performing athletes. That’s because Brazilian ginseng powder contains a natural anabolic agent, known as beta-ecdysterone, as well as three ecdysteroid glycosides, which can significantly increase the production of muscle tissue and augment athletic performance. And it does all this without the nasty side affects typically associated with steroids. Brazilian ginseng powder also contains large quantities of the trace element germanium, which is sometimes used to treat patients suffering from anaemia and is thought to increase the supply of oxygen to our body’s cells and thus have a positive influence on stamina.

3) Brazilian ginseng powder for a robust immune system

Germanium also happens to be a natural antioxidant that can offer additional protection from the harmful effects of free radicals such as sunlight and pollutants. Enjoying Brazilian ginseng powder on a regular basis can therefore help to prevent DNA damage, delay the unwelcome signs of aging and simultaneously strengthen the immune system – an especially attractive benefit as those long, dark winter months close in! Furthermore, research has recently revealed that our body’s immune cells multiply after direct exposure to Brazilian ginseng, while studies conducted on mice at the University of Sao Paolo during 2004 and 2009 have pointed to Brazilian ginseng’s ability to limit the growth of unhealthy cells, meaning that the versatile superfood could even be used to slow down the progression of certain types of cancer in the future.

Go Brazilian today!

Brazilian ginseng powder adds an exotic twist to your favourite smoothies, shakes and juices and can be mixed into all manner of tempting rawfood desserts and puddings. So, isn’t it time you went Brazilian?

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