David Wolfe’s top 3 tips for extra energy by David Wolfe

David Wolfe’s top 3 tips for extra energy by David Wolfe

Would you prefer to wake up feeling super fit and raring to go? Would you like to benefit from a constant supply of energy that lasts the entire day? Lethargy and recurrent energy dips might seem like an almost inevitable part of your life, but they don’t have to be. You can overcome them using a range of natural methods that won’t leave you reaching for your regular caffeine fix. In this article you’ll discover 3 great tips for added energy, from famous American nutritionist David Wolfe. And his practical advice is remarkably straightforward and easy to apply!

Many of us suffer regularly from energy dips throughout the day and some of us even wake up feeling completely exhausted, despite having enjoyed a decent night’s sleep. The primary cause of such low energy and recurrent energy dips is the food that we eat. Much of the food found in our supermarkets lack vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, causing our bodies to seek out alternative sources of energy … and that requires additional effort, leaving you tired and drained.

David Wolfe, the famous American nutritionist and celebrated author of “Eating for Beauty” and “The Food and Medicine of the Future,” recommends applying three key nutritional principles that will arm you with a constant supply of energy and leave you feeling fit, full of energy and ready to face the day.

1. Eat living foods

By ‘living foods’ David Wolfe means raw food, and in particular fresh, raw organic fruits and vegetables that haven’t been fried, boiled, roasted, steamed, stewed or stir fried … in other words completely raw and natural. He calls these foods ‘living’ because they are packed with the living enzymes that our body needs on a daily basis in order to break down and absorb important nutrients and to help it naturally cleanse and remove a continuous stream of toxins. Raw food is incredibly rich in essential enzymes, that once heated are lost forever. If your body doesn’t receive enough of these enzymes, then it will be less able to break down and absorb vital nutrients, meaning that you acquire less energy from your food. In addition, toxic substances are removed less effectively, resulting in damage and an accumulation of poisons that sap your energy levels. By ensuring that your body obtains sufficient enzymes to absorb essential nutrients, you’ll not only be enable to benefit from increased energy, you’ll also be able to maintain a healthy weight and actively slow down the aging process. As enzymes are so crucial for optimum health, David Wolfe strongly recommends incorporating as many raw foods into your daily diet as possible.

2. Drink more water and in particular, pure spring water

Our body is comprised of around 75% water, so it’s no wonder that water is so important for good health. Drinking sufficient water keeps our body’s cells, tissues and organs adequately hydrated and improves the body’s natural ability to remove and discharge waste quickly and efficiently via the kidneys (urine) and skin (perspiration). According to Water UK, our drinking water is of the highest standard, at a record level of quality and among the best in the world. Yet what comes out of our taps still contains toxic substances that are not conducive to optimum health. That’s why David Wolfe advocates drinking pure spring water from natural sources instead. Pure spring water is rich in essential minerals that allow our body to absorb food more effectively and protect it from toxic substances. By drinking pure spring water every day, you treat yourself to a massive boost of energy and ensure that energy consuming, toxic substances are rapidly removed from your body.

3. Eat raw cacao

Raw cacao is pure cacao from unroasted cacao beans. This type of cacao is totally unrefined and, unlike other chocolate, contains no sugar or milk. Raw cacao is not only an utterly delicious treat; it’s also an important superfood rich in vitamins (e.g. vitamin C), minerals (including magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese and zinc), fibre and essential fatty acids. The beneficial nutrients in raw cacao provide both a prolonged feeling of fullness and lasting energy and, as it contains PEA and serotonin, it also improves mood and boosts concentration. Raw cacao is extraordinarily versatile and can be enjoyed in a number of different ways. David Wolfe suggests adding it to your breakfast, smoothies, juices and nut milks or to use it as an ingredient in all manner of tempting raw cakes, bars and other sweet treats. Just a little raw cacao in your favourite breakfast dish is guaranteed to provide you with more energy and keep you fit and alert for longer than your usual cup of coffee!

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