Eating Raw For Beautiful Skin

Eating Raw For Beautiful Skin

“Eat your greens, it will put colour in your cheeks.” “Yeah, but who wants green cheeks?”

Well how about purple cheeks, or yellow? Or even blue? While striving for beauty and flawless skin, we often put our money where our bathroom is and not where our mouth is. Skin is part of the whole body and can only become flawless through the application, via the mouth, of a healthy, vibrant, juicy and colourful diet. We have all heard of antioxidants and how they protect us against the ageing effects of free radical damage in the cells and yet we are buying these in a skincare product instead of eating them in our diet.

Antioxidants are most abundant in raw foods as they are heat-labile. This is a posh scientific word for when a nutrient becomes destroyed or damaged by heat. Additionally, they are also food mostly in colourful foods, so yes do eat your greens for colour in your cheeks, but also eat your yellows and purples and reds too.


As the skittles adverts say, “Taste the rainbow” — only not in the way that they intend with horrid fake-tasting toxic candy! Try instead the delicious candy that is nature’s whole fruits and vegetables. Sink your teeth into jewel bright beetroots, crunch into a green cucumber, chew a few red goji berries, get mellow with banana yellow, pop the squishy balls of blueberries against your tongue and slurp the purple plum.

By eating the rainbow foods, you supply your body with levels of antioxidants that will beautify you, inside and out. Be imaginative; dust off your blender and juicer and have a rich creamy superfood juice or a enticing green smoothie. Feel them filling your cells with life then look in the mirror and see the glow in your face, the whites of your eyes shine and the smile of pure bliss. You are radiant and full of colour. Colour is light; you are full of light.

Being beautiful is not difficult, it is the natural state of the human organism when we feed it the nutrient dense food it craves. Your body wants you to be gorgeous; you want you to be gorgeous. Beauty begets beauty, so eat those beautiful foods and enjoy the process of transformation into age-defying health. Life is a bowl of cherries, just remember to spit the pips out. You can start to beautify today, the skin only takes four weeks to renew itself. You have a whole new skin every month, isn’t that amazing! Imagine how beautiful you can be if you ate the raw rainbow for the next four weeks. Imagine the look on a friend’s face when she asks you what have you been using to look so good and you tell her: “beetroots, because I am worth it”. Imagine looking in the mirror each morning and loving what you see because your skin cells are so nourished that they are rejuvenating faster then a botox jab could manage. When you eat or drink the rainbow you are giving yourself a mini-facelift at a fraction of the cost (without all the squeamish bits).

As cosmetic scientists scrabble to invent the next “anti-ageing serum” you can serenely sip at your potent skin-revitalising, multi-coloured, beautifying beverage knowing that all the science in the world and all the shelves of products cannot beat the truth of natural law. Beauty comes from within, within your cells which are each nourished by the power of raw, natural, vibrant foods.

Try if for yourself, I promise you won’t end up with green cheeks.

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