Feelings, emotions and food choices

Feelings, emotions and food choices

Today I want to chat about encountering our emotions as we dance into wellness. When I first started journeying the seekers path, I was confused why so many of the scriptures diminished the emotion. As I journeyed onwards I started to understand more fully the deeper meaning.

Personally I feel there is a huge chasm between feelings and the commonly addressed term ’emotions’. Feelings happen in the moment they are wired into our human expression, into the animal expression and the plant expression — they are powerful and wonderful.

Emotions, as I perceive them, are what the mind does with feelings. The mind will grasp at feelings and ‘concretise them into mind stuff’. The vibrancy of feeling shifts into emotive energy drain. This can hinder freedom of expression, it can hinder the flow of life force in the body, and in the long-term talking about those entrapped emotions does not, in my experience, release them. These emotional ‘clingings’ lodge in our body musculature, our cells and our bone matrix, deep in our very being, and then feed off our precious life energy to sustain. We actually invest our life energy into sustaining our emotive responses, our belief systems and our conceptual limitations.

Over time this creates separation and although clinically alive, bodies cease to glow and exude vibrancy in the same way that children and rainbow passion people do. I am not suggesting that we don’t hold ourselves and each other in the light of compassion, I am not suggesting we negate our emotive experience. What I am suggesting is that we stop justifying them and giving them energy and invite mind to let them go.

When I work with myself and clients I always embrace the element of food choice awareness.

When our physiological body is not drawing on vital energy to digest devitalised food, we often feel more energised and full of renewed vitality and enthusiasm for life — we live life alive. So it figures that any real therapeutic process towards harmony has to include our whole life and consequently our food choices.

When we listen to the body and eat harmoniously, we often experience a deeper sense of integrity and intimacy with ourselves. By choosing living vibrant foods we imbibe more energy at a subtle as well as nutritional level. So my food choices have always been part of my twirling dance with life and I am still learning.

This sense of increased energy is the experience of dancing with our own potential, we begin to feel life as a celebration and we attune to a deeper sense of our purpose for being here, and sharing and caring. When we eat foods that enervate our body and mind, we feel the effects of toxicity as on-going tiredness and malaise. Over the years this becomes accepted as a normal experience of life.
Bodies are clinically alive, but energetically sluggish.

When I eat living foods I feel more intimately in communion with all of my life and its potential expression. I just feel more in touch with my intuition — which is tuition (teaching) from the ‘in’ side. So my intuition is about hearing the voice of spirit. Whenever any of us make shifts to more wholesome foods we begin to feel alive again, we attune to primordial feelings, without the toxic overload of mind stuff and we can initially feel overwhelmed with this sense of living! What is also happening is that we are attuning with real feeling rather than emotive mind jibbering.

The mind has got used to being in control, and suppression of our true worth and our own knowing is often the result of an overly dominant mind. When feelings dance in celebration through our clean bodies and less turbulent mind, we live life alive. The mind, unfamiliar with us feeling so good, can create experiential struggle for us as we feel the transition into a more harmonious way of eating. When we feel the wave of emotional detox, we can perceive that something must be wrong — it isn’t. It’s worth staying with the aspirations and journey fully through into abundance.

The essence of who we are will be hungering for this metamorphic shift. However the familiar addiction to past experiential, conceptual limitations and familiar feelings of living an enervated life can be so tenacious that we can feel a desire to revert back to depleted foods, just so that we avoid the vibrancy of joy.

Our personal feelings of resistance are a reflection of the inner struggle of our higher self striving for expression, butting up against the limitations of the mind attempting to negate and suppress. The only reason the mind does this is because it is responding to its programming. Why? Because when our higher self gains a relationship with us, the conceptual boundaries will be lessened and the mind reacts to feeling less control.

The real difficulty is dealing with our personal challenges and our addictions. If we could just make the shift without being hindered by any mind stuff at all, there would be no emotional response, no doubt or question.
The energy and vitality in living foods brings us in touch with all the feelings, all the movements of energy now flowing joyfully to every cell in the body. Our being is revitalised, regenerated and rejuvenated.

Most of us don’t often find ourselves in real-life threatening situations. However we do find ourselves in situations where the concepts — which have become to be thought of as us! – are challenged and that challenge can manifest emotionally because we have been brought up to live so much from mind. To bring such a radical shift of eating is calling into question all our ways of thinking. The cleansing is far more than physical. We are getting back in touch with our true life wellness at all levels.

We do deserve to live life alive each and every day and I perceive that our food choices are an intricate part of our personal sense of worth. So eat well, eat consciously and joyfully and enjoy the wonderful day.

Ruth Allen

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