Home Health: Non Toxic Soy Candles – Simplicity Candles - by Living Pretty Naturally

Home Health: Non Toxic Soy Candles – Simplicity Candles - by Living Pretty Naturally

Although this blog is largely focused on beauty, it also focuses on over all wellness, so here and there you’re going to find posts more relative to “around the home” rather than “around the eyes”. With that being said, let’s have a little chat about the importance of natural candles.

I am a huge fan of candles. They make everything look prettier. Have some big circles under your eyes for a dinner date? Pick a dim and candle lit restaurant and voila, gorgeous. Jokes aside, if you use candles often like me, you may want to have a look at the box or bag and see where they were made, what they are made of and if the wicks are purely cotton. Chances are they are not. If they’re made in anywhere other than the US/Canada the wicks may contain lead (need I say more?) and the parafin wax burns with soot (and thus carcinogens are released in the air).

Why Switch to Non Toxic Candles

Switching over to a soy or beeswax candle is a surefire way to limit the amount of toxins you’re breathing in while watching that pretty light flicker. It is important to check that the candles say “non-toxic” and “soot-free” as well as “natural cotton wicks”. Although these wicks do not carry zinc (most candles do) you can still buy long burning tea lights and candles.

My favourites? Simplicity Soy Candles handmade in Canada and available in a multitude of shops and, of course, online. If you’re a bulk candle burner, you may find it more reasonable to purchase bulk bags off of Amazon or other online retailer.

The best part? if you spill some wax, it is water and soap soluble. More than can be said for those paraffin wax blends.

Where to Buy:

Capers, whole foods, gift shops


Burn bright lovlies.



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