How intestinal health can give you a glowing appearance and a brighter future

How intestinal health can give you a glowing appearance and a brighter future

Your body has millions of cells that rely on oxygen, water and food nutrients for nourishment, repair, regeneration and general health. This means that all our cells, tissues and organs depend on our digestive system to function properly. It is for this reason that the digestive system is located right in the centre of our body — because it is, physiologically and biochemically speaking, the very nerve centre in the human organism.

No growth or real healing is possible if the digestive tract is unhealthy and bunged up with impacted faecal matter and mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque can occur in various colours, forms, textures and degrees of hardness. Whatever its appearance, it is always unpleasant and can cause extensive damage in your gut and to your overall health and wellbeing.

I find it amazing that some people are able to function when their nutritional needs are barely being met. The health of the digestive system also has a knock on effect for our immune system and emotions.


It has been said “All disease starts in the colon”. While I personally find nothing alarmist about this since it is a medically verifiable fact, I’d rather rephrase it positively: great health begins in the colon. Now that is far more motivating and empowering don’t you think?

The first area of improvement would be your diet. The most healing diet is one is that is high in fresh, organic, raw plant foods. However going raw isn’t enough. The famous quote is ‘you are what you eat’ however I prefer the words of Patrick Holford, the UK’s leading nutritionist, who says ‘you are what you digest’. You may be eating highly nutritious raw foods but if you have suboptimal digestion, then you won’t be able to assimilate all those precious raw nutrients.

Optimise your digestion first by doing a colon cleanse. It’s vital to do this well before you start to cleanse specific organs such as the liver. This is so important as the toxins form the liver (the bodies filter), need somewhere to go and leave quickly. If your colon is heavy with old waste then the toxins will not leave and you may feel very ill indeed.

The effects of fasting and colon cleansing are nothing short of miraculous. As you thoroughly wash out what has stayed festering in your gut for a long time, you are transformed at the cellular level and a whole new you emerges. You don’t just improve your health when you clean the environment of your cells. You also change your destiny via the positive end-results of a colon cleanse, such as mental clarity, optimism, freedom from depression, vibrant energy, enhanced immunity, increased stamina and even longevity. You feel more confident not only because you look much better on the outside but also because you feel good about yourself at a profound level. You start emanating both light and beauty. Love and joy seem to be naturally attracted to you. How amazing and exciting is that?

So don’t waste time by putting off a colon cleanse. It might just be what you need to turn your life around. Act now to experience the life-changing benefits that only a clean, healthy colon can offer!

So how do you perform a colon cleanse? You will need an effective, well-designed colon-cleansing programme that includes nutritive supplements that will facilitate both intestinal healing and the expulsion of stuck, decaying matter from the gut.

Psyllium husk is an insoluble fibre that can absorb toxins ten times its own weight. It wipes away intestinal slime and knocks off overstaying faecal matter and mucoid plaque from your gut wall.

Bentonite clay is a negatively-charged volcanic clay that can draw in all kinds of toxins, since all toxins are positively charged. Bentonite clay’s magnetic property enables it to pull out toxins from your cells, organs, blood, and lymphatic fluid. The combination of psyllium husk and bentonite clay pushes toxic sludge, heavy metal and chemical poisons, post-putrefactive matter and flukes out of the colon, allowing a leaky gut to heal and repair itself.

After the digestive tract rids itself of the bad guys, you will need to repopulate it with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are various strains of friendly bacteria that feed on your toxins and produce essential B and K vitamins. Maintaining a healthy intestinal flora will prevent a re-invasion of harmful bacteria, candida and parasites. A good probiotic formula is one that includes prebiotics in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides, which create and prepare a good environment for the beneficial bacteria, enabling them to thrive in the gut.

Digestive enzymes save your body from producing its own digestive enzymes. Producing one digestive enzyme will cost your body three metabolic enzymes, which your body can reallocate for other processes such as the production of new cells, detoxification, assimilation of nutrients, tissue repair and organ healing.

An effective colon cleanse should not just employ the use of these supplements. Another very important component of a colon cleanse is fasting. Fasting isn’t starvation. It is putting your entire body in a state of much-needed physiological rest and healing. An overburdened digestive tract gets a well-deserved rest during a colon detox since digestion is one of the most taxing jobs that the body performs on a daily basis. If you’ve been eating a standard food diet for several years then your digestive tract will be very jaded and run-down. Fasting gives your body the time, energy and means to carry out its natural, more crucial function, which is to heal itself.

Enemas use nature’s gift of pure, clean, (warm) water to gently fill the colon, facilitating the release of the mucoid plaque, which lines your intestines. This plaque is indicative of all the toxins you have accumulated over the years. If you have ever seen an image of mucoid plaque, you will know it is a motivating sight. You will want to rid your body of this unsightly mass pretty quickly. In addition to its unappealing aesthetic properties, the plaque inhibits the absorption of nutrients. No matter how well you might eat or how many nutrients you take in, if your body can’t absorb them they are completely useless.

This complete internal cleansing process can be done for a week at a time, two times a year. Internal cleansing softens the old matter and sweeps it out of its hiding places. Cleansing the colon through the use of enemas, along with detoxing and fasting maximizes the benefits you will see and feel.

Fiona Robinson

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