How to Seriously Elevate Your Hydration Game - by Julie Morris

How to Seriously Elevate Your Hydration Game - by Julie Morris


There are certain mantras of a healthy lifestyle that are practically considered The Golden Rules Of Wellness. Rule number one: Eat more vegetables. Rule number two: Get enough sleep. Rule number three: Exercise often. And rule number four: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even in a world where in-vogue diets and nutritional systems are changing faster than ever, nobody dares argue with these staple foundations of good health. But the massive irony is that all but just a tiny percent of us will admit to letting a few of these “non-negotiables” slip on a regular basis.

For me, the biggest area of occasional negligence is hydration. This is not something to brag about. Even slight levels of dehydration can contribute to deterioration of the body, including fatigue, asthma and allergies, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, skin disorders, bladder and kidney problems, joint problems, weight gain … to literally name just a few. But I’m not alone in my struggles: despite these dangers, a whopping 75% of Americans do not consume the recommended 10 cups of water recommended by the Institute of Medicine! I mean, we seriously gotta work on this, guys!

I’ve created some strategies for myself to remedy my lack-of-drinking problem, and I’ve found that one of the best ways to ensure I stay fully hydrated is to give my water a second purpose. Not to undermine water’s first purpose of preventing dehydration or anything, but when I know my water is delivering other important goodies to my body, the mental barrier of drinking somehow fades, and I find I can much more easily meet my daily quota. The functional water boosters I choose are usually green ones (because a greens are arguably the most important superfood of all), and so I often use green powdered mixtures to create a “green juice on the go.” But recently, my go-to powders have been upgraded with a phenomenal new collection: Amazing Grass Organic Elixirs.

Hear me on this: these elixirs are not your average random ingredients thrown together in a jar. Quite the opposite. Each powdered formula has seriously impressed me with its thoughtful crafting! The Organic Elixirs are composed of two major components: Greens and Adaptogens. The greens are what Amazing Grass is most famous for: high-chlorophyll wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa (all of which are organically grown on their own farm in Kansas), and offer superior daily detoxification and clean energy. Then, each formula also contains six adaptogens – special herbs and functional superfoods that help the body heal and recharge from the inside out, without being a stimulant. Each elixir’s adaptogens are specific to its purpose, so for example, the Belly Elixir contains adaptogenic ingredients geared towards gut health, like reishi, aswaganda, holy basil and yacon. The Brain Elixir’s adaptations specifically enhance cognitive function via superfoods like matcha and lion’s mane mushrooms. And the Beauty Elixir makes use of revered anti-aging tools like maqui berry, aloe, hibsicus, and collagen-promoting camu berry. As someone who looks at superfood formulas for a living, I can honestly tell you: this is really remarkable stuff. Plus, if that wasn’t already enough, each serving also includes 1 Billion CFU probiotics, to keep your digestion on point too. Add this to your water and you’ve suddenly got gold-standard hydration.

So, as you look to hydrate this warm season and beyond, keep some packs of green goodness with you wherever you go, and double down on the benefits of your healthy efforts. It’s amazing what a difference these little, super simple changes can make in the way that you feel.


Amazing Grass has generously offered an exclusive discount to readers: Get 40% OFF your order with code JULIEMORRIS16 (you must create an account in order for the code to work). This post is sponsored by Amazing Grass – all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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