Hungry For Change Film Review

Hungry For Change Film Review

Hungry for Change is the new, thought-provoking documentary from internationally renowned filmmakers, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch and an eagerly anticipated follow-up to their best-selling movie, ‘Food Matters’. In Hungry for Change the film makers join forces with a number of leading doctors and nutritionists to expose the shocking secrets of the food industry and to show how our health, weight and overall happiness is in our own hands. If you want to discover how to maintain a healthy body weight, prevent and reverse disease and optimise both your physical and mental wellbeing, then Hungry for Change is an absolute must on your Christmas wish list!

A familiar story?

Hungry for Change follows Natalie, a typical, thirty-something career woman with a busy office job, who is totally obsessed with her physical appearance from the moment she wakes until last thing at night. She sees herself as overweight and unattractive, yet appears totally unable to take the necessary steps for change. Instead, she hides herself away, avoiding parties and other fun social events where there is a risk of bumping into her colleague and man of her dreams, Jason. Like many of us, Nathalie compensates for her desperately unhappy existence by gorging on fizzy drinks, coffee, muffins, ice cream, pizza and other junk food throughout the day. This absent-minded habit unfortunately only serves to perpetuate her unhealthy condition and increase her overwhelming feelings of disappointment whenever she glances in the mirror.

A fascinating insight into the modern diet industry

In addition to documenting the instantly recognisable plight of Nathalie, Hungry for Change provides a chilling insight into the sneaky tactics of the multi-billion pound diet industry – an industry solely preoccupied with keeping us unhealthy and unhappy, in order that we continue to purchase their products and bolster their burgeoning profits. The film also unveils how many of the so-called ‘healthy options’ that fill our supermarket shelves, actually keep us locked into a pattern of unhealthy eating and unrealistic diet plans that are bound to fail.

Hungry for Change helps you to:

• Identify which foods to exclude / include in your shopping basket
• Understand the truth about food products advertised as ‘fat free’, ‘sugar free’ or as a ‘light’ option
• Combat your own food addictions and cravings
• Understand why fad diets can never work
• Recognise which food additives to avoid and what to look out for on product labels
• Learn about body fat and cellulite and how to banish them forever
• Discover the optimum detox and cleansing techniques
• Select foods for better vision, radiant skin and hair and all-round health

Throughout the film medical experts, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Alejandro Junger and leading nutrition coaches such as David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis, explain why we continue to eat unhealthy, yet highly addictive foods, even when we know they aren’t making us as fit, slim or attractive as the manufacturers’ clever commercials would have us believe. They reveal that a staggering 80% of all processed foods contain sugar, which next to alcohol and cigarettes, is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. And they argue that sugar substitutes such as aspartame are no better, as these only reinforce our food addictions by increasing our need for carbohydrates (which our body subsequently converts into sugar) and raise our risk of cancer. Hungry for Change uncovers an entire range of dangerous ingredients (including the prolific flavour enhancer MSG), which are routinely added to our food in a bid to keep us coming back for more. Yet, perhaps one of the film’s most shocking revelations is that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates food safety based on studies financed by the food manufacturers themselves.

Malnutrition – no longer the preserve of the Third World

The film also highlights an increasing prevalence of malnutrition in Western society. Jon Gabriel an expert in the field of weight loss, who was himself once severely overweight, claims that despite record levels of obesity, we are literally ‘starving ourselves to death’. Hungry for Change artfully illustrates how our modern diet of processed convenience food, packed with sugar, saturated fats and harmful additives, has been stripped of all the essential nutrients our body requires to stay adequately nourished.

Providing practical solutions for optimum health

The film ends on a positive note, with Natalie coming to the realisation that the only way to look and feel good is by choosing a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and excludes processed, refined foods wherever possible. She not only discovers that wholesome food tastes much better, but that carefully chosen superfoods can help her to make the physical transformation that she has been dreaming of, and we begin to witness her skin take on a new radiance and her confidence soar.

James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch passionately believe that “your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself”. They demonstrate that obesity, food allergies and illness needn’t be an inevitable part of your life and show how you too, can make better choices when it comes to your health and happiness. By providing practical solutions from those who understand what it’s like to be sick and overweight, Hungry for Change teaches you how to break free from a lifetime of poor eating habits and finally escape the diet trap. The film not only reaffirms that you are what you eat, but that your body too, is Hungry for Change and it arms you with all the tools and inspiration necessary to turn your life around.

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