Living and raw foods – tangible results for everyone

Living and raw foods – tangible results for everyone

Top celebrities from around the globe have been advocating the myriad benefits of living and raw foods for many years – fashion designer, Donna Karen, film stars, Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon, and supermodel, Carol Alt, are just some of the high profile names with svelte figures, youthful good looks, radiant skin and high energy levels who regularly enjoy living and raw foods. Yet, it’s not just the rich and famous that benefit from the addition of living and raw foods to their diet. Living and raw foods are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy and varied diet, rich in beneficial nutrients and live enzymes and free from the damaging toxins and carcinogens often found in cooked and processed food.

Living and raw foods

More and more Brits from all walks of life are experiencing first hand the many advantages of consuming living and raw foods. You can read some of their real life testimonials below.

Living and raw foods – customer testimonials

We often read about the incredible health benefits associated with living and raw foods, such as weight loss, increased energy levels, greater immunity and healthier skin and hair, but there’s nothing quite like hearing it direct from the horse’s mouth. The ordinary individuals below all reported tangible improvements to their physical health or mental wellbeing, thanks to the incorporation of living and raw foods in their diet.

Here’s what they have to say:

Sue, Woking

‘I’ve lost a huge amount of weight since I went raw vegan. Which has also given my confidence a big boost. I also feel good about the fact that my diet is now kind to both animals and the planet. Living and raw foods rock!’

Skye, London

‘I managed to get rid of my acne, asthma and excess weight. I did experience some detox symptoms in the beginning, especially the upset stomach thing. But that only lasted a week or so and I’m so glad I persevered. I’ve gained mental clarity, an ability to control my ADHD and I feel seriously fit and healthy for the first time in my life.’

Diane, Bath

‘I’m not 100% raw – I think that I’m what you would call a high raw vegan. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my skin. I’ve lost weight and got more energy than I did before. My blood sugar issues have gone and when I first went raw, loads of people commented on how great I looked.’

Geoff, Sutton Coldfield

‘I can’t believe that no one mentions the mental clarity that you get from eating living and raw foods. It almost outweighs the physical benefits! As corny as it sounds, being raw makes me wake up with a smile. All those nagging negative thoughts that I used to have are gone’.

Claire, Chatham

‘My skin got worse before it got better. But that’s because of the detox. It helps if you speed up the process by drinking plenty of super green smoothies. And it’s worth it in the end. People keep asking me if I’ve been on holiday, my skin looks so good.’

Sam, Kettering

‘I must admit that I found it hard to go totally raw. It made dinner parties with friends a little awkward to say the least. I now eat about 80% living and raw foods and personally think that this is the perfect balance for me. I’ve noticed that I have much more energy than before and I’m a lot less moody. I just feel generally able to cope with life more. I’ve also not had so many colds and flus this winter and I’m convinced this is to do with going raw. My friends are now keen to give it a go too.’

Jo, Newark

‘I’ve only been eating living and raw foods for about 30ish days and I’ve already noticed that I have more energy and can work out harder and longer at the gym.’

Dave, Southend

‘All my mates laughed at me when I said that I wanted to eat living and raw foods. They’re not laughing now – not one of them has been able to beat me at squash in the last 3 months and I have finally lost my beer belly. And I now have a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend who actually appreciates my new healthy lifestyle’.

Penny, Carlisle

‘I’ve been raw for about a year. I have stronger nails, my eczema has disappeared and I no longer suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (my main reason for going raw in the first place). I recommend living and raw foods to all my friends and family.’

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