Magnesium Through the Skin: Best Form of Magnesium Supplement?

Magnesium Through the Skin: Best Form of Magnesium Supplement?

Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in our body that are crucial for proper metabolic function. It is arguably the most important minerals that can assist you to feel calm, fall and stay asleep, prevent anxiety, muscle cramps and twitches. It helps to maintain a steady heart beat, normal nerve and muscle function and a healthy immune system.

Researchers have found that up to 80% of people could be deficient in magnesium. Due to the depleted levels of magnesium in our soils, it is harder than ever to ensure adequate daily intake of this vital mineral through diet alone. Most common telltale signs of low magnesium levels include weakness or irregular heart rhythms, headaches, fatigue, irritability, diabetes, ADHD, loss of appetite, chronic infection (viral and bacterial), anxiety, high cholesterol, depression, muscle spasms, eye twitches, loss of appetite and weak immune system.

While adding an oral magnesium supplement to meet the daily requirement could resolve these issues, these supplements have shown to cause digestive problems in many. Moreover, it has been shown that magnesium taken orally could prove to be ineffective because it could pass through our digestive system without being absorbed. Perhaps the most convenient, quick and affordable way to ensure your body receives adequate sources of magnesium is through your skin or transdermally. Transdermal magnesium therapy could be as easy as taking a bath or even a foot soak in magnesium-rich water. Topical magnesium may also provide a safer alternative to oral magnesium supplementation. Read on to learn various health benefits transdermal magnesium has to offer.


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Fast Absorption

While oral magnesium has been said to have caused a plethora of gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, transdermal magnesium allows for a much more effective absorption as it bypasses the digestive system entirely. Magnesium applied or absorbed through the skin passes through the tissues and it is then quickly transported to the cells in various parts of the body. Magnesium can also cause laxative effect in the intestinal system. This poses a problem as magnesium needs to travel through our intestinal system at a slow rate. Hence, most of us do not absorb magnesium well orally. Furthermore, this problem could be exacerbated due to poor gut health. Transdermal magnesium supplement offers a quick solution to the issue at hand as it allows efficient absorption of the magnesium through the skin, which happens to be the largest organ of the body. 

Relaxation and Restoration 

One could argue a bath or a soak is the most relaxing way to end a stressful day. By adding magnesium to your nightly bath or weekly soak, you can A study has concluded that taking a bath 2-3 times a week with magnesium crystal salts would result in higher magnesium levels. The study subjects also observed health benefits as a direct result of the increase in their magnesium.

A bath in magnesium can support better sleep and prevent mood problems, restless legs and muscle cramps. Magnesium can prevent anxiety and alleviate symptoms of chronic pain. It promotes restful and calming environment and encourage your body to destress. The next time you are feeling fatigued from a long day or daily tension, prepare a magnesium-filled bath and soak for 10 to 20 minutes for an ultimate rest and relaxation session, perfect before bedtime.

 Detoxification in a Bath 

An important benefit of transdermal magnesium that may not be available to those taking oral magnesium supplements is the cleansing and detoxifying property of a magnesium-rich bath. Magnesium is necessary for the detoxification of cells. It detoxifies metals like aluminum, lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and beryllium. When the body does not maintain optimal levels of magnesium, it can lead to the reduction and breakdown of the body’s ability to detoxify metals. This could lead to the accumulation of toxins and metals in the body and may result in toxicity. Soaking in a magnesium crystal-filled bath is a simple way to draw toxins out through the skin and remove such impurities in the body.

Magnesium also prevents the accumulation of oxidative products in our kidney, red blood cells and liver. This important mineral supports the antioxidant activity in the body, which means that magnesium is required to reduce free radical damage. Thus, high levels of magnesium in the body could prevent premature aging, deterioration of homeostasis and other damages resulting from increased levels of toxins and free radicals.

How to Prepare a Mineral Bath 

For those who are no stranger to Epsom salt bath, consider adding magnesium crystal salts in your baths. Epsom salt and transdermal magnesium work synergistically together and makes the perfect duo for a relaxing, rich in health benefits soak. Add any essential oil to your tub with Epsom salt and magnesium crystals for a bath tailored to your needs. To relax, try essential oils of rose, jasmine and lavender. To invigorate, add essential oils of peppermint, lemon and rosemary.

Magnesium Crystals and Magnesium Powder by TransDerma Minerals 

For a quick and healthy soak, try TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Crystals and Magnesium Powder (Snow) by TransDerma Minerals. Magnesium Crystals and Magnesium Powder can restore vital magnesium in your system to support cellular regeneration and antioxidant activity. Whether you prefer the crystal or powder form, both transdermal magnesium supplement dissolve easily in a bathtub or a foot basin for a foot soak for fast absorption of this incredible mineral. Feel immediately relaxed and refreshed, while ensuring an optimal functioning detoxification system which is necessary to prevent diseases and to provide good health.

In this busy, hectic world, transdermal magnesium is an excellent and convenient way to supply your body with much needed magnesium. Explore our amazing Transderma Minerals Magnesium Crystals and Magnesium Powder for your nightly bath or weekly relaxing foot soak to treat yourself. Here are the links: