Raw Cacao Powder Smoothie Recipe – for the chocoholics!

Posted on October 10 2012

Raw cacao is not only a deliciously, rich and incredibly healthy alternative to chocolate, it’s also a powerful superfood that can help you to lose weight, improve your concentration and even heighten your libido. For an instant boost of energy first thing in the morning, or indeed at any other time of day, try this temptingly creamy, intensely chocolate flavoured, raw cacao powder smoothie.


-125 grams of hemp seeds
-2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder
-1 or 2 teaspoons of lucuma powder (according to taste)
-1 teaspoon of vanilla powder
-1 banana
– ½ an avocado
– ½ a litre of water


This one couldn’t be any easier – just place all of the ingredients into your blender, blast for around thirty seconds and hey presto!

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