Raw — You look gorgeous!

Raw — You look gorgeous!

I was so delighted to gather the results of my recent survey into womens attitudes to natural beauty. I carried out the survey of 1000 women with a leading professor from the University of Hertfordshire (Professor Karen Pine has also by the way contributed an excellent section to my latest book on how to ‘think yourself gorgeous’)

Our research suggests we are entering an age of natural beauty. When choosing what to put on their skin, more than twice as many women say natural ingredients matter more to them than the brand. The survey also found that more than two thirds of women prefer products that are not tested on animals and are free from artificial chemicals

Advertisers may spend millions on glossy ads promoting their brands but it seems that more and more women are rejecting them in favour of more organic, ethical and natural beauty goods.

Its good news gals when it comes to beauty we can have our ‘natural cake and eat it’ Make that cake (and the beauty products) raw and you’ll be doing yourself a big favour too, I’m delighted that there are now a few ethical companies offering raw skincare, using only cold pressed, organic and vegan ingredients. Just as with raw foods the live enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and active healing plant matter remain intact in these beauty products, they use ingredients that are not pastuerised or heated to more than 40 degrees . As we know heating oils is thought to create free radicals, those pesky molecules that mix with oxygen to turn apples brown and age our skin both inside and out. Free radicals also damage collagen and result in wrinkles.

Of course you can make your own raw skincare too, if you have a bunch of raw ingredients, perhaps a mortar and pestle and a high speed blender, its very easy to concoct your own luscious blends, lots of recipes in my books.

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