Superfood Smoothies now a New York Times Bestseller

Superfood Smoothies now a New York Times Bestseller


From rejection letters to the most recognized list! We did it!!!

A little over 5 years ago I self-published my first book. I initially couldn’t get a publisher on board with the idea of promoting superfood-centric recipes and information, so I decided to create a handmade version of my dream cookbook anyway. I believed in the power of superfoods, and knew first-hand their life-changing effects on health and energy.

I’ve since been afforded the opportunity to publish several more books with my phenomenal publisher Sterling, and meanwhile my belief in superfoods as an incomparable health tool has only continued to grow. I find myself continually stimulated and enchanted by the culinary potential of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and I certainly have no shortage of inspiration (thanks nature). So, to achieve the unbelievable honor of having my second book, Superfood Smoothies, listed on the New York Times Bestsellers list this week, I’m humbled beyond words.

Thank you to everyone who has brought my books and superfoods into their lives, kitchen and family; I hope they bring you as much treasured health and delicious happiness as they have to me. It goes without saying, I am so very, very grateful for your support. ~ Julie

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