The Beauty Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

The Beauty Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

As the largest organ in the body, the skin is responsible for 1/4 of all the detoxification that occurs day-to-day. The toxins that reach the skin’s surface through the blood stream often sit on the epidermis creating small irritations, irregularities and blemishes. The beauty of the dry brush is that it involves putting nothing on your skin, and yet it works to create healthier, more beautiful skin!


For those of you pretties that practice dry brushing, this is old news to you, but for those who are new to scene of brushing your skin, this will be a welcome addition to your wellness and beauty regimen. Dry brushing helps not only to maintain healthy skin, but also a healthy body. How dry brushing works? By brushing your skin, you are encouraging fresh blood flow to your top layer of skin. Just like when you scratch yourself, it turns red (new blood rushes to heal it), the dry brush wakes up your skin and encourages fresh blood supply to return to the skin’s surface. It is here your blood is able to rid itself of toxins.

After dry brushing, I almost instantaneously feel better, more alive and refreshed. I dry brush before jumping in the shower. I brush towards the heart, starting from my feet and working my way up the body. I avoid the face – my cleansing face brush is gentle enough for that, but not my body brush.

Why Should I Dry Brush?

So what does dry brushing do for you? Firstly, dry brushing removes the dead skin cells laying on top of your skin that create that dull appearance. It instantly creates a difference in this regard, but over a longer period of time you can also achieve many other beauty and health benefits. By increasing your body’s circulation to the skin, you are helping to eliminate wastes more quickly (another reason I do this before I shower). Additionally, dry brushing has been used for decades, maybe even centuries (ha!), to help combat cellulite — the dry brush can be used to regulate fat deposits. Remember we want to get rid of cellulite, not only because it looks less than pretty, but also because the fat tissue stored in cellulite is actually filled with toxins that your body is having a hard time ridding itself of. Helping to move blood to the area and loosen up these deposits can be great for both your health and beauty. Also, as far as cellulite goes, an Alkaline Diet also works wonders on this problem.

The 101 on Dry Brushing:

What to look for in a brush? Natural fibers, not synthetic bristles as well as a large brush head, so you don’t add too much time to your morning routine

When to dry brush? Once per day on your dry body, preferably before a shower or bath

How to dry brush? Start from your feet working upwards and then from your hands towards your shoulders. Remember brush towards your heart.

How to enhance your results? In the shower try doing some hot and cold lacerations (showering under hot and then cold water, alternating a few times). This will further increase your circulation and detoxification process.

You can find dry brushes all over the place, but to find a good quality natural-bristle brush, check out your local health food store, organic market and/or natural beauty supplier.

Brush up on beauty!



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