The Beauty of Change

The Beauty of Change

Inner beauty does not escape a woman who embraces change. On the surface, it feels a little scary, but relish this thought for a moment. Every time you make the choice to change, amazing things happen. You shift a bit closer toward happiness. You feel more natural. You glow with promise.

We know how important change can be for you—and it extends beyond us producing one-of-a-kind formulas from scratch in micro-batches in our own ECOCERT® licensed manufacturing facility (although we do that, too). You want a leader in skincare who hears you.

We studied all the comments and suggestions you have given us over the years about each of our products. We were inspired by your feedback. We took notes. And then we made a a special report to give to our lab team and get their thoughts.

The result? Your most prevalent suggestions inspired our lab team to make outstanding upgrades to our formulas! You are part of our collective team and helped further formulate the most natural and effective products on the market.


Our best-selling product, Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm, at first glance, looks the same. We made a minor adjustment—it’s silky smooth! No more grains. We tested it, the feedback results were extraordinary, and we are super excited about sharing this improvement with you.

When seeking a youth preservation serum, you often choose Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum. And for good reason—its plant-powered formula does the trick. This lightweight overnight serum boasts some of Mother Nature’s most effective (and clinically proven) gifts to hydrate, firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To improve the serum, we took your suggestions to heart and added more powerful and potent actives like Barbary Fig Plant Stem Cells and we also removed the essential oils, replacing the fragrance with a single jasmine aromatic extract. This hint of aroma is so very subtle yet so beautiful.

For morning time, OLO’s Morning Glory Caffeinated Firming Serum is upgraded and now an ultra-light weight gel; it is so light yet powerful to begin your day. Easy to use under oils, foundation and sunscreen, this improved serum features gardenia plant stem cells, a probiotic complex and caffeine to bolster your morning routine.

We are big fans of happiness. We are committed to making skincare easy, fun and effective, And we want you to know we have paid attention.

But wait—there’s more!

We love s-i-m-p-l-e (we know you do, too). It’s almost a virtue for us. Our new easy-to-use icon system on our chic, updated packaging with boxes removes the guesswork for you. Each icon makes your beauty ritual even more simple. You will know exactly the purpose of each One Love Organics product and when to use each product.


The stringent process we went through to obtain ECOCERT® certification we hold means we give you quality, integrity and pureness within each One Love Organics product. And now, all the products in the new packaging are now CERTIFIED ORGANIC by ECOCERT®.


We thank you for all your influential feedback and are excited to share more details about What’s New at One Love Organics!