The Indie Beauty Advantage

The Indie Beauty Advantage

The Indie Beauty Advantage | One Love Organics

You probably started out buying indie beauty products because you wanted a healthier routine that removed some of the harmful ingredients used in conventional beauty products. Over time you found products you loved and realized that the natural beauty world is full of amazing products that work!

Those are a few obvious benefits of Indie Beauty. But what else is there? Well, for starters:

1. Indie beauty products are created by caring artisans in small, frequent batches.

Large manufacturers may make up to 1 million pieces at a time for reasons of cost and efficiency. They will then store this excessive amount of product in a warehouse and replenish on shelves as the product sells. Some products can be up to a year old before they hit the shelf as “new”. Indie Beauty manufacturers have the opposite strategy. We produce smaller, micro-batches of our product, allow it to nearly sell out and then produce more. This means there is no waste, no excess inventory or exposure to customers of products that are close to or past expiration.
The Indie Beauty Advantage | One Love Organics

2. The products are produced using high-quality and fresh, raw materials. 

Indie Beauty purveyors pride themselves on sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from around the world. Fresher ingredients produce more powerful products, especially when dealing with plant-based products. And even though Indie Beauty products are typically made with higher quality ingredients, they often cost less than their conventional counterparts.

3. Indie Beauty producers are close to the manufacturing process and are often hands-on, overseeing the the product from start to finish.  

The Indie Beauty community is close-knit and most brands produce their products using a small team of artisans. Conventional beauty brands might have hundreds or thousands of employees, and most of those employees have never seen how the product they sell is formulated, tested, produced or packaged. This isn’t true in Indie Beauty. Everyone from the founder to the sales associate is invested in the quality of the product and oversees its production at every level for quality that is literally unsurpassed.

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At One Love Organics, we delight in the Indie Beauty community, a supportive, deeply-caring and highly educated group who is committed to influencing and changing the beauty industry for the better. We are all working toward building our brands and at the same time focusing on a common goal of green beauty acceptance and industry transformation. We appreciate your support and love. Thank you!