Tips For Easy, Everyday Cleansing

Tips For Easy, Everyday Cleansing


Have the holiday’s ubiquitous cookies, pies, and rich foods made their presence known yet? Superfoods to the rescue! Here’s four simple and inexpensive ways to gently cleanse, the healthy way:

Have a green smoothie (and/or juice) every day. Why green? Because green foods are some of the most detoxifying foods around! Rich in chlorophyll, they help with blood circulation, balancing pH, and saturate the body with nutrients while helping remove the gunk. There’s no easier way to get it LOTS of greens than a smoothie or juice, which is what makes these delicious options so attractive! You can use any type of green like spinach or kale, or for more flavorless approach, try using a condensed green powder, like wheatgrass or spirulina. I love this Very Veggie Smoothie for an excellent pick-me-up that’s packed with green goodness.

Drop a little lemon in your water. Lemon water helps on two levels. First, lemon is an excellent aid for detoxification as it promotes a healthy liver and alkalizes the body. Second, the essence of lemon makes drinking water more appealing, and can help us drink more throughout the day.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We often mistake thirst for hunger, and end up eating more when our body is dehydrated. Additionally, all bodily functions become compromised when not properly hydrated. Remembering to drink throughout the day is crucial for proper elimination of waste and toxins, and adding coconut water into the mix ensures that your electrolyte balance stays in check too. Make things easy on yourself by adding a spoonful of coconut water powder to one quart of water, which is a low sugar way to hydrate on every level. You can even fold in some chia seeds to make an easy “chia fresca.”

Look for “boost” opportunities. Superfoods are the healthy secret of in-the-know cleansers. These nutrient-dense foods do more than just add nutritional swagger and flavor, they energize us and actually help curb cravings by responding to the real needs of the body on a biological level. Look for opportunities to upgrade the nutrition of whatever it is that you are eating with a serving of superfoods! If you’re having oatmeal, mix some goji berries in. Enjoying a sandwich? Toss some sprouts inside. Even dessert indulgences can be made a little better by adding in some mineral-rich cacao nibs or protein-packed hemp seeds.

There’s no magic bullet when it comes to cleansing, but making frequent practice of these positive habits adds up to a much cleaner lifestyle and better health!

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