What Is Grounding or Earthing? The Health Benefits of Grounding

What Is Grounding or Earthing? The Health Benefits of Grounding

Grounding, or earthing, is the act of walking barefoot or making direct barefoot contact with the surface of the Earth. Between wearing shoes outdoors and house slippers, it may have been a while since you were able to touch the Earth and reconnect as we are meant to. Humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground before living indoors. Although you may spend considerable time walking outdoors, you probably wear rubber soled shoes. Rubber is not conductive and as a result, rubber soled shoes prevent your feet from absorbing Earth's natural energy.



Grounding brings you back a balanced state as you make direct contact with the surface of the Earth. The Earth is is an electrical planet and your body has an electrical energy. In fact, your body functions electronically. Your heart and nervous systems are the perfect examples of that. Just as the sun can give us vitamin D and warmth, the Earth's surface provides an eternal and natural energy. This grounding benefit can be the simple difference of feeling good and feeling not so good, and having low energy and feeling more energized. '

How to Ground

You can ground by walking barefoot on the sand by the beach, on dirt, concrete or grass. These surfaces are conductive and making direct contact with them will allow Earth's natural energy flows through and into your body. 


Inflammation has been cited as the leading cause for most chronic pain and major health illnesses including diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Earthing can help reduce inflammation in your body as your body transfer the negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body to neutralize positive free radicals in your body. Research also suggests that electrons from the Earth can have antioxidant effects to protect your body from inflammation. 

Healing Benefits of Earthing

Scientific research and many published studies indicate that your body can throughly benefit and be protected from grounding. 

Here are some of the potential health benefits of grounding:

1. Balance Your Nervous System and Treats Adrenal Fatigue/Stress

Grounding can help improve the balance of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for your body's "rest and digest" function, while the sympathetic system controls your "fight or flight" response. The Earth is a natural source of electrons and can aid in proper functioning of your nervous system, immune system, circulation and other processes. Research shows Earthing has shown to shift your sympathetic "fight or flight" response to your parasympathetic nervous system. As a result, grounding can reduce overall stress levels and tensions. 


2. Reduced Inflammation and Pain 

Inflammation is believed to be triggered as a result of lack of electrons in your body. Inflammation is typically your body's response to heal and protect itself. The reason that antioxidants are important for your health because antioxidant electrons ensure that free radicals do not damage your cells and cause inflammation. Similar to foods high in antioxidants, electrons from the Earth can neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, and prevent premature aging. Grounding can also improve circulation, which allows you to better distribute nutrients throughout your body and carry waste and toxins out of the body. Better circulation also could lead to reduced swelling and improved energy levels. 


Inflammation is also responsible for pain as it leads to more swelling and stiffness, as well as reduced agility and mobility. Grounding can lower inflammation and thus, reduce chronic pain, headaches and menstrual pain. Research has also indicated that reduced perception to pain and shorter recovery time post-workout.


3. More Energy

Fatigue is a common concern for many. Earthing or grounding can enhance your energy levels and prevent fatigue. Your stress hormone, "cortisol", level is closely related to your physiological stress. Stress has a negative impact on cortisol and can worsen your stress response. Some examples of stress responses include cravings for foods of low nutrient levels and poor sleep patterns. 

4. Improved Sleep Patterns

Research has found that grounding can help normalize your cortisol levels. Grounding can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from "adrenal fatigue" or stress in their daily lives, as their cortisol levels are normally elevated in the evening. Often this leads to "cortisol reversal" where your cortisol levels are extremely low in the morning, which causes you to feel sleepy and drowsy.


Conversely, at night, your cortisol levels are elevated, which keeps you awake and wired during nighttime. Grounding can help restore normal cortisol levels and thus, enhance your sleep quality. By balancing your cortisol levels, you can fall and stay asleep more easily. Sleep is crucial in healing and restoring your body at the most basic level. Better sleep quality also translates to improved energy levels, stronger immune systems, proper digestion and overall health.



While walking barefoot daily may not be convenient for most of us, there are ways to help you ground and enjoy the health benefits of grounding. Since most of our shoes have rubber soles (and rubber is not conductive), Earthling 3.0 invented ruggedized, electrically-conductive straps that can fit onto any shoe and can bypass the rubber sole, thereby grounding you. The negatively-charged electrons will bypass your rubber soles and flow into your body, resolving the electrical tension. This convenient, smart invention allows us to ground even while wearing non-conductive shoes outdoors and without making direct contact with the Earth every time. 

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