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Premium Energizing Cellular Boost Blend by Exsula Superfoods

Premium Energizing Cellular Boost Blend by Exsula Superfoods


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Premium - Energy and Cellular Health by Exsula Superfoods


Contains: 330 g. or 11.7 oz. powder.


Ideal High-Enzyme, High-Phytonutrient Superfood Formula

Focus on Energy, Cellular Health, Balance - especially cellular renewal

You would have to eat 14 pounds of raw broccoli, just to get the 18mg of Coenzyme Q10 in every teaspoon of Premium. And that's just one of the hundreds of nutrients in each sip of a Premium smoothie.

Feel a calm depth of genuine life energy, totally unlike the artificial rush triggered by caffeine or other stimulants.

Refreshing, Super Nutrition - Energy from Enzymes - Cleansing

  • Super Nutrition for Cell Repair and Restoration
  • Focus on Oxygenation, Energy, Rejuvenation and Cleansing
  • Energy from Enzymes and Important Phytonutrients

Load up your cells with nutrients, not stimulants

Refreshing, Super Nutrition
Premium quenches your body's thirst for plant nutrients, which are not found in the typical American diet, and not in most common supplements. Your cells are really going to love this stuff! Premium is impressively broad-spectrum in its phytonutrients, and abundant in specific high-demand phytonutrients your cells need.

Energy from Enzymes
Premium is an actual revitalizing life energy ~ life energy equals enzymes, and enzymes support Life. Enzymes store your life energy and implement all of your life processes. The more enzymes you can access, the more you can manifest your gifts, talents, purpose, health and vitality. It is these life energy wrapped protein molecules, called enzymes, which are the spark plugs and molecular magic wands activating your life energy and initiating all of your life processes. Without these organizing and directing agents of life, you would become a loose unruly blob of water, fats and minerals.

Premium's cleansing abilities are profound yet gentle, and respectful of your body's intricacies. It works at all levels and with all organs and systems, and will not stir up more toxins than your body can reasonably manage with the nutritional support we give it.

Please do not confuse this life energy (enzyme energy) with mere caloric energy, nor with the artificial rush triggered by caffeine or other stimulants. The Premium life energy of which we speak is the gold standard directing Life Force for your cells. Children who are running and vigorously playing are bursting with live nutrient enzymes. As an older person, upping your enzyme intake is like drinking liquid youth. In short order, you will see and feel a difference, and so will those around you.

Ingredients/Proprietary Blends

Serving Size: 4 level teaspoons (20ml) = 11,000mg
Daily servings per container: approx. 30
% Daily Values based on a 2000 calorie diet

AuraGreens: Organic SuperFood-Grade Low-Temperature Dried Young Green Leaf Juices of Barley, Kamut (An Ancient Strain of Grain) & Alfalfa, Plus Leaves of Watercress, Green Wild Oat, Parsley & Rue
Cellulon: XtraPure Sunflower Lecithin (1,500mg ~ Non-GMO, Hypoallergenic, Free Of Oils & Phytoestrogens), Vitamin E & D (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Royal Jelly (400mg Equivalent) & Coenzyme Q10 (90mg ~ 97-99%)
AquaAura: Trace Mineral & Carotene-Rich Blend of Kona Spirulina, Open-Wall Chlorella, Coral (Natural Calcium, Magnesium & Minerals), Nova Scotia Dulse, Dunaliella, Kelp & Irish Moss, Shilajit, Bamboo Sap & Volcanic Spring Ormus
Synergistica: Herbal Blend of Turmeric, Noni, Pau D’Arco, Suma, Fo-Ti, Silymarin, Burdock, Sorrel, Turkish Rhubarb, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover, Graviola, Beet Juice, Chuchuhuasi, Cat’s Claw Vine, Shiitake, Echinacea, Astragalus, Bromelain, Ampalaya, Rhodiola, Aloe, Ginkgo, Ginger, Cayenne, Black Pepper & Saffron
Phyber: Phytonutrient-Rich High-Pectin Apple Fiber, Golden Flax Seeds & Stabilized Rice Bran, Chia & Glucomannan
Exsulen-C & Bioflavonoid: Blend of Schizandra, Acerola, Elderberry, Amla, Goji, Acai, Rose Hips, Complex of Green Tea, Bilberry, Grape Seed, Red Wine Resveratrol & Pine Pycnogenols; Red Rose Petals, Green Pepper & Grapefruit Pulp
EllagiPure: Low-Temp-Micronized High-Ellagic Seed of Meeker Variety Red Raspberry
Strata-Flora: 77x Probiotics Blend (2.0 Billion Active Organisms Including AuraLumina Vegetable Enzyme Cultures, L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum, Symbiotic Soil Flora & Kombucha), Slippery Elm, Agave Inulin, Charcoal & Diatomaceous Earth (Fresh Water)

Aleipho Elaia: Oils of Olive (7 Types), Ethereals of Orange, Tangerine, Sweetgrass, Lemongrass, Pink
Grapefruit, Eucalyptus Citriodora, African & White Sage, Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum, White Rose, Spikenard, Cedar Leaf


Directions for Use

Simply shake or blend 1 to 5 teaspoons into water and/or 100% fruit or vegetable juice (best to use fresh juices or "From Concentrate" juices).

Never make it too thick. Your blend should be healthfully delicious, with the consistency of a thin fruit smoothie. Swirl, reshake or stir with a spoon or straw between sips.

Adjust servings for larger or smaller people, and depending upon stress exposures, age, diet, special needs, desires, goals, and athletic activity.
Eager health enthusiasts and athletes are well rewarded for having as much as 5 spoons, 4 times daily.

Peak enzyme performance occurs within 3 hours of mixing. Can be kept refrigerated to 48 hours.

For optimum results, also drink an abundance of pure water throughout the day.

Recommended Use

Focus on rejuvenation with this high-enzyme, Superfood formula - especially if you have elevated concerns about unwanted cellular growth. Perfect for health enthusiasts of all ages, for Premium performance.



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Questions & Answers

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  • What are the benefits of Coenzyme Q-10?

    Coenzyme Q-10 (also referred to as "CoQ-10") is a type of coenzyme, which help enzymes to digest food properly, support other body processes and aid in protecting the heart and skeletal system. CoQ-10 is also a potent antioxidant that strengthens your body's natural defenses against these dangerous toxins. As a fat-soluble electron carrier, CoQ-10 can protect our DNA cell walls from oxidative damage. Antioxidants help our bodies perform well by removing the highly reactive oxygen based free radical chemicals that occur in due to both natural and man-made causes.

  • Why are phytonutrients important in our diet?

    Phytonutrients are nutrients found in plants that develop to protect the plant from damaging environments. "Phyto" is a Greek word for plants. Plants are exposed to excess ultraviolet radiation, toxins, predator pests and pollution, which could result in the generation of dangerous free radicals within their cells. Fortunately, phytonutrients help to shielf plants from such damage. Why is this important to us? Since we are also exposed to radiation and various environmental elements like plants, we need phytonutrients to protect us.

    Toxins exist in every aspect of our lives, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It's been estimated that there are currently 80,000 chemicals in the United States, and we are exposed to these toxins on a daily basis. Studies have shown that exposure to toxins can lead to inflammation, immune system dysfunction, oxidative damage and skeletal degeneration. Although avoiding these toxins is nearly impossible, phytonutrients can assist and support our body's natural process of detoxification. 

    Some of the benefits of including phytonutrients in your diet are enhanced immune system, protection against cancer, support of eye and heart health, improved communication between cells and repair of DNA damage. Antioxidants can also slow down the signs of aging by cleaning up the by-products of oxidation within our body.

    A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals, a diet rich in hytonutrients and low in dairy foods and saturated fat can substantially lower blood pressure. Phytonutrients can also improve our vision and help decrease inflammation. Moreover, phytochemicals in food can help decrease LDL ("bad") cholesterol.

  • Why are enzymes important in our diet?

    Enzymes breakdown the macronutrients of our food. Lethargic digestion robs the body of energy that could put toward other metabolic functions. Digestive enzymes can assist with the efficient conversion of carbohydrates into fuel, which helps you maintain your energy level. An optimized digestive system may translate into less inflammation, toxic stagnation and less excess weight. Enzymes can also help with weight loss by speeding digestion and supporting metabolism.

    Digestive enzymes can also help heal leaky gut as it takes the stress off the GI tract. Digestive enzymes can assist the body to break down protein and sugars that are difficult to suggest such as gluten, casein and lactose. Enzymes can also enhance the nutrition absorption of the food you eat and therefore can prevent nutritional deficiency. Enzymes could greatly improve syptoms and signs of IBS and acid reflux.

  • Why is Premium - Energy and Cellular Health by Exsula Superfoods different from other supplements?

    Our products, including Premium - Energy and Cellular Health, do not contain any fillers. They are what the labels say; nothing more, nothing less.

  • How do I store my Premium?

    Ideally enjoyed by "Best Potency Date" on label, and within 3 months after opening. Your freezer door is ideal for preserving potency of Premium's nutrients. Remove bottle only long enough to dispense, then keep container tightly closed. Premium travels well at room temperature. Protect from light, moisture, oxygen, heat and time.