Zoom Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster<br>ProBLEN
Zoom Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster<br>ProBLEN
Zoom Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster<br>ProBLEN

Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster

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Adrenal & DHEA Hormone Booster

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  • What are the benefits of DHEA supplements?

    Restoring DHEA production, both naturally with lifestyle habits and through the use of supplements, can improve many youthful qualities. DHEA has the ability to lower inflammation, which is the root of most diseases including heart diseases and cancer. DHEA taken in supplement form can also boost certain hormone levels, help prevent autoimmune reactions and mood disorders such as depression. Studies involving women with autoimmune disorders such as lupus and thyroid disorders suggest lower levels of DHEA can negatively impact internal organs, the skin and the immune system.

    DHEA is also associated with having anti-aging effects like preventing bone loss and could lower the risk of fractures and conditions like osteoporosis. Some evidence also suggest that higher levels of DHEA could improve estrogen production and could actually improve bone mineral density.

    According to some studies, DHEA may lower rates of depression and mood-related symptoms, including loss of pleasure, loss of energy, lack of motivation, emotional "numbness," sadness, inability to cope with stress and excessive worrying. DHEA could potentially balance the production of other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which are necessary to maintain a positive outlook, motivation and adequate energy. Another important benefits of DHEA supplements is it is often use to help promote weight loss and support athletes with a focus on building lean muscle mass. Lean muscle could help you burn calories more efficiently, even while resting. DHEA has also been linked to a lower risk of clogged arteries, high cholesterol, heart disase and blood clots. DHEA may reduce the risk for heart disease by lowering inflammation and improve the use of insulin and glucose.

  • What are the ingredients contained in Adrenal & DHEA by Problen and how do they help?

    1. Aralia Quinquefolia
    Stimulant to secretory glands, especially salivary.
    Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord for Lumbago – Sciatica and Rheumatism and Paralytic weakness.
    Acts on Skin Symptoms as in itching – pimples on neck and chest.

    2. Ashwagandha
    Strengthens Immune System after an illness. Frequently referred to as Indian Ginseng because of rejuvenating properties. Relieves Stress – Fatigue – Lack of energy – Difficulty Concentrating.
    Reduces Anxiety and Depression without drowsiness.
    Help reduce brain cell degeneration.
    Stabilizes Blood Sugar. Helps lower Cholesterol.
    Offers anti-inflammatory benefits.
    Enhances Sexual Potency for both Men and Women.

    3. Avena Sativ
    Also known as oats. Natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers (Natural Viagra)

    4. Carduus Marinus
    Detoxifies and protects the liver cells.
    Used for Nausea – Loss of Appetite- Bile Complaints and Liver Problems. Gallbladder – Vomiting – Hepatitis – Venous Weakness – Cirrhosis Hepatitis – Varicose Veins – Itchy at night.

    5. DHEA
    Lowers inflammation. Helps improve Bone Density and Muscle Mass.
    Protects against Depression and Cognitive Decline and Mood Swings.
    Improves Heart Health.
    Lowers Diabetes Risk.
    Decreases Sexual Dysfunction and can improve Libido

    6. Glandular Supranealls 
    Used to improve adrenal function relieves, Fatigue – Stress – increases resistance to illness.
    Helps with psoriasis - Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    7. L-Arginine
    Increases Nitric Oxide production.
    Supports health Blood Pressure- Cholesterol – Energy – Muscle Development – Vigor and Performance – Heart Health and overall health.

    8. Natrum Muriaticum
    Regulates water balance and water distribution in the body.
    Useful in ailments involving water imbalance such as sinus – Hay fever – Edema – Puffy Eyes – Perspiration Problems.
    Dark Circles under eyes indicates the need for Natrum Muriaticum.
    Maybe of value in Glaucoma.
    Relieves Dry Eyes – Itchy Eyes – Poor Eye Sight.
    Supports Kidney Function.
    Balances electrolytes of sodium and correctly distributes the mineral sodium chloride in the body.
    Helps with Low Energy – Depression and Excessive Sensitivity - High Blood Pressure - Slow Digestion with Heartburn.

    9. Phosphoricum Acidym DX
    It mainly acts on the Brain – Nerves- Blood – Kidneys- Mucous Membranes – Male & Female Sexual Organs and Bones

    10. Rhodiola
    Used to increase Energy – Stamina – Strength – Metal Capacity.
    Helps body adapt to and resist.
    Physical Chemical and Environment Stress.
    Improves Athletic Performance Shortening recovery time after long workouts.
    Improves Athletic Performance – Depression – Heart Disorders – Irregular Heart Beat and High Cholesterol.

  • Why do I need Hormone Growth Hormone? What are the symptoms of low HGH?

    During young adulthood we still have an optimum amount of HGH and so we heal and recover quickly. However, in the mid 20's the release of growth hormone by the pituitary gland begins its slow decline.

    Clinical studies have shown a direct correlation between decreasing HGH levels in adults and the effects of aging. 

    Decreased levels of human growth hormone and other hormones reduce the body's ability to function properly. For instance, the growth hormones that are responsible for forming muscle mass; human growth hormone, testosterone, and DHEA all drop dramatically as we get older. For this reason, the ratio of fat in the body increases and the ratio of lean muscle decreases even if we exercise and eat properly, and even if we do not actually gain weight. 

    On average, after age 35 the amount of body fat expands by 50%, while the lean body mass (LBM) that forms muscles, bones, and the vital organs actually shrinks by 30%. 

    The amount of human growth hormone released by the pituitary gland after the age of 21 to 31 falls by about 14% per decade. This means that HGH in the body is reduced by half at age 60. On average 20 year olds have a level of about 500 mcg, 40 year olds have about 200 mcg, and 80 year olds have only about 25 mcg of HGH. 

    We now know that the body literally breaks down and wears out due to the lack of hormones as age progresses, especially human growth hormone and its growth factors. 

    HGH Deficiency

    Somatopause, is the medical term used when a patient doesn't have enough human growth hormone to sustain health. 

    Symptoms of Low HGH Include: a loss of lean muscle and an increase of fat, decreased energy levels, decreased stamina, decreased socialization, abnormal sleep patterns, awaking tired, decreased libido, decreased interest in personal relations, diminished memory, decreased senses, an increase in the number of colds and illnesses, decreased healing ability, wrinkling of the skin, gray hair, a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, decreased bone density, and other symptoms.

  • How do I know Problen homeopathic sprays are effective compared to HGH injections?

    Although homeopathic sprays are of homeopathic potencies, these sprays contain enough human growth hormone. Problen homeopathy products have been asigned its own National Drug Code number by the FDA, which indicates that FDA regulates our products as hoemopathic medicines. 

    The pharmaceutical human growth hormone molecule itself is indeed too large to be absorbed under the tongue. In fact as far as we know this web site was the first to state this fact back in 1999. If you placed a dose of HGH injection under your tongue it would not be effective, but this is not what you do when you use a homeopathic spray. Homeopathic sprays work because during the very involved homeopathic process the electromagnetic energies of the growth hormone molecules are transferred into the water lattice of the base solution and so the solution itself becomes potentiated by the HGH. This potentiated solution is then absorbed under the tongue successfully.

    Homeopathy is based upon helping the body to heal itself using homeopathic potencies of the active ingredient. Homeopathic sprays are not meant to be a full hormone replacement therapy and deliver all the growth hormone the body needs because this will shut down the pituitary gland's own release of HGH. High quality U.S. made homeopathic sprays that contain homeopathic human growth hormone are the smart choice because they can provide benefits safely. 

  • What is Human Growth Hormone?

    HGH is an important chemical messenger secreted by the pituitary gland. HGH production in high quantities is essential to growth during childhood and adolescence, but also must remain present at lower levels as we age to maintain our health and vitality. At 40 years of age, blood levels of HGH may be 60% lower than at age 20. Decreases in human growth hormone are often accompanied by the so-called symptoms of aging. It is important to remember that everyones HGH production declines significantly as they age.

  • What is homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is a very unique system of medicine because, when properly formulated, it is both powerful and non toxic. In ordinary pharmaceutical medicines, this combination is very rare. The science of homeopathy is over 200 years old.

    Homeopathy is based on the premise that certain natural substances can stimulate the body?s own healing systems-allowing the body to heal itself. After symptoms of a condition have been relieved, correctly formulated homeopathy can then work to reestablish internal; order at the deepest levels. Because very small doses are used, all this can be accomplished without negative side effects. 

    Homeopathy uses a full range of ingredients-botanical, mineral and animal. The FDA approved homeopathy as a medicine in 1938. Homeopathic hormone supplements are fully regulated by the FDA.

  • Is it safe to take several Problen remedies together?

    Yes, it is safe and effective to combine two or more remedies either by spraying them under the tongue, one after the other, or by spraying them all in a glass containing an ounce or two of water or juice, then swallowing.

  • Are Problen homeopathic hormone supplements Doctor Formulated?

    Yes, all Problen homeopathic hormone supplements are formulated by an extraordinary homeopathic doctor who has been using these formulas successfully in his practice for 30 years. Our doctor attended medical school in Italy and homeopathic school in Germany.

  • Some claim that plastic spray caps may damage the HGH. Is this true?

    This claim is also not true. Our spray caps do not damage the product. Again, if the bottle, cap, alcohol, etc., damaged our product then we could not have the positive clinical study results that we have. This is another example of companies or distributors grasping at straws, trying to find some reason to convince you to buy their product when they have no legitimate IGF-1 clinical study results to show.

  • Are your bottles light protective?

    Yes, of course, and they have been since 1999! Our bottles are of the highest quality and meet or exceed all standards. We have heard that some sellers of other products are claiming they are the only ones who use a light protective bottle. Our bottles have always been light protective.

  • What is your source of pituitary extract and liver extract?

    Our source for these important glandulars is USDA tested and safe North American bovine. The North American bovine is harvested, tested, freeze dried and quarantined. Once it is in the product, it is tested once more to ensure no presence of contaminants. 

    In regards to the concerns surrounding Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), we wish to advise you as follows:

    We do not purchase, process, or offer for sale any bovine products originating from any country in which Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is currently known to exist. These countries are identified and listed as "Restricted" for the importation of ruminants, meat and meat products from ruminants, and certain other ruminant products by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service as it was published in the Federal Register: January 6, 1998 (Volume 63, Number 3), Rules and Regulations, pages 406-408.

    The countries which have been identified as BSE affected are Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, The Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Romania, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Falkland Islands.

    The plant in which we purchase our glandular ingredients raises animals specifically for pharmaceutical use. The plant is registered with both the USDA (#5805) and the FDA (Establishment #1920841). The plant is inspected by both the FDA and the USDA and our processing records are reviewed by both agencies.

  • Is it best to take ProBLEN supplement(s) before or after a meal?

    When using ProBLEN homeopathic supplements the most important thing to remember is to have a clean mouth free of any food or flavor particles (including mint and coffee). We generally recommend taking your ProBLEN homeopathic hormone boosters and detox supplement sprays before meals for this reason. Our homeopathic sprays are absorbed into your system within seconds and can be taken back-to-back, just allow a minute after taking the sprays before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

    When using ProBLEN nutritional supplements, depending on the sensitivity of your stomach, it may be best taken after a meal.

  • What is the recommended dosage?

    2 sprays 3 times a day is the recommended dosage for all ProBLEN Hormone Boosters and Detox Supplements.  Because ProBLEN formulas are non toxic, its fine to take additional dosages.  Every one is a unique individual so some people may benefit from additional dosages while others may take less.   

  • Should I expect any negative side effects when taking ProBLEN remedies?

    No, you should experience no negative side effects. However, if your body reacts very quickly to a particular remedy, it is possible to feel some signs of slight discomfort. This is a positive indication that the remedy is working. Should this occur, simply reduce the number of sprays in half. The dosage can then be increased to normal after 3 to 4 days.

  • Why are Problen homeopathic hormone supplements subject to comprehensive regulation by the FDA?

    The FDA recognizes Problen homeopathic supplements as medicines able to relieve symptoms and to treat underlying health conditions. Because our homeopathic hormone supplements are medicines, the FDA maintains full oversight over our many formulations, manufacturing procedures, product claims and labeling. Problen has received a National Drug Code Number from the FDA for each of its homeopathic hormone supplements.

  • Are Problen Anti Aging supplements Manufactured with a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer?

    Yes, all supplements offered by ProBLEN are made by a FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer and a FDA Registered Vitamin (Food) Manufacturer.

    The FDA recognizes ProBLEN homeopathic products as medicine to relieve symptoms and treat health conditions. Because homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA in the same manner as nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, the FDA maintains full oversight over ProBLEN formulations, manufacturing procedures, product claims, and labeling. ProBLEN has been awarded a National Drug Code (NDC) Number from the FDA for each of its homeopathic products.

    All of our supplements are FDA regulated, meeting or exceeding all FDA Guidelines for Good Manufacturing practices. All of our supplements undergo a rigorous testing regimen prior to release for sale.

    Note: You can find evidence that the FDA considers homeopathic products to be OTC Drugs in FDA Compliance Policy Guide #7132.15.

  • When should I expect to feel the benefits from using Adrenal & DHEA NEW Updated Formula by Problen - 1oz/30ml?

    Many of our clients begin to feel benefits from the product in the first month but for optimal benefits, we recommend using the product as directed for 3 months.