3 step skin detox plan - The Superfood Blog

3 step skin detox plan - The Superfood Blog

New Year is detox time and who doesn’t make some sort of healthy living plan once all the tempting Christmas foods have been eaten and the last of the New Years Eve alcohol has been swallowed? While designing your ‘brand new me’ diet and exercise plan, spare a thought for your skin too. We often forget that the skin is our body’s biggest organ and a very important biological tool for effective elimination, it is imperative to whole body health that the skin is functioning as it should be. But what makes skin healthy?

As the skin is part of the whole organism, we need to treat it as such. It is of utmost importance while on a detox to avoid adding to the toxic load of one of the major organs of elimination. So if your current skincare has some dubious sounding ingredients listed on the label it’s time to ask yourself ‘is this product going to promote the health of my skin?’ or even more of a pertinent question could be ‘would I eat this?’ If the answer is no, the best thing you can do for your skin is chuck the chemical concoction into the bin (or even better bury it in a metre thick shell of concrete so no other form of life will come to harm!).

Apart from de-cluttering your bathroom cupboard of toxic toiletries, the most important aspect to skin health is of course the materials you supply it in the form of your diet. Every single skin cell is 100% built, repaired and maintained by the foods you feed it on a daily basis. Please read that sentence again and memorise it like a mantra. It is only via a healthy vibrant diet that we can achieve healthy vibrant skin, luckily as you’re reading Passion you hopefully know about the massive benefits and rejuvenating qualities of the raw diet. It really can’t be stressed enough how important to the skin the high raw/high plant diet is. To build beautiful skin cells, eat beautiful foods full of life and sunshine.

Water is also extremely important, thirst signals are often mistaken for hunger and so we eat instead of drinking. The body, especially the skin which is our barrier against the drying effect of the air, needs a lot of water. The water should be the best quality and most natural water we are able to procure, tap water is just diluted bleach amongst other horrors (but still better than no water at all). And water means water, not tea or fizzy drinks.

Skin detox rule 1:

Healthy diet builds healthy skin cells; healthy skin cells make beautiful skin. A high raw plant based diet provides the living nutrition the skin needs to rejuvenate.

Skin detox rule 2:

Water is the key to skin that stays young looking and flawless, drink plenty of high quality natural water.

Skin detox rule 3:

Bin the toxic toiletries and use 100% natural organic skincare made from ingredients you could eat.

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