A Before and After Picture You Have to See to Believe!

A Before and After Picture You Have to See to Believe!

Researchers at the Korea University of Dermatology* formulated topical products using 4% chia seed oil and measured the results on patients with renal dysfunction (dry, itchy skin is a real problem for these patients). After two weeks of continued use, they observed improved skin hydration, skin barrier function, reduced trans-epidermal water loss and a decrease in itchy skin. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true here and we just had to share with you the  remarkable pictures taken from this study*.

It is interesting to note that in this study, topical moisturizers and emollients typically used rarely resolved the dry and itchy skin of these patients. No wonder everyone is always looking for a new skin cream!

Superior Source of Omega 3s

Chia seed is the richest botanical source of Omega 3 fatty acids found in nature. Gram for gram, chia seed oil offers more omega-3 fatty acids than flax seed or fish oil. Supercritical chia seed oil delivers a whopping 600 mg omega-3 per 1 gram of extract! This allows for a super dose of Omega 3s in a small amount of product. Super potency for super effects!

Potent super antioxidant protection 

In addition to the remarkable potency of the Omega-3s, chia seed oil is loaded unusually high levels of phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants. In fact, chia seeds have more 30% more cell-protecting antioxidants than blueberries! The Nutritional Science Research Institute** tested the nutritional value of chia seed and proclaimed it to have “the highest amount of antioxidants we have ever measured calls chia one of the most powerful whole food antioxidants we know.

Given the role of antioxidants to help protect our skin by limiting the production of free radicals that can damage it and cause premature aging, as well as the hydrating benefits of chia seed oil used topically, it is clear to see how supercritical chia oil is crucial to a superior skin care regimen, and why we sing its praises.

And we aren’t the only ones to sing the praises of chia. In his beautiful little book “Chia: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood” by Dr. Wayne Coates says “whether you’ve got acne or wrinkles, chia can help your skin look better:”


Who can use One Love Organics Certified Organic Supercritical Chia Oil?

All skin types may benefit from using One Love Organics Certified Organic Supercritical Chia Oilbut it is especially beneficial for dry, imbalanced and sensitive skin and it can be used on the face and body. For best results apply twice daily for a minimum of twelve weeks.

What Makes One Love Organics Certified Organic Supercritical Chia Oil Unique?

At One Love Organics, we offer the very finest quality of 100% organic chia seed oil ever produced. Using an advanced CO2 extraction process, our supercritical chia oil is the most pure, stable and most closely resembles the (full spectrum) complete chemical makeup of the chia plant, allowing your skin to experience the pure synergy of the whole plant.

Carbon dioxide (Co2) extraction provides unprecedented levels of concentration and purity.

Why We Love the Co2 Extraction Process:  

Purity: The solvent-free process produces oil with a complete absence of chemical residues and impurities.

Potency: The no-heat method is applied in such a way that the plant material is not altered. Gentle extraction reduces degradation and preserves critical and delicate compounds, providing some of the highest efficacy profiles of any extracted products on the market.

Quality: Co2 extraction delivers a quality of oil that is closest to that found in the plant in its natural state.

Our signature Super Critical Chia oil from One Love Organics, truly offers skin the most powerful moisturizing and protection available anywhere. We consider it to be a bit of a miracle!

Supercritical Chia Oil is also available in Chia Whip Fragrance Free Foam Cleanser and Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm.

*Please note that the researchers from this study did not use One Love Organics Certified Organic Supercritical Chia Oil.