Beauty in the raw

Beauty in the raw

There are always trends in any field — beauty trends seem to follow food trends albeit about a decade behind. With food we first of all had the wholefood movement back in the 1960s and 1970s followed by the organic boom in the 1990s, we are now experiencing the amazing situation of raw foods becoming so mainstream that even in my tiny local branch of Sainsbury’s I can buy ground linseeds, goji berries and agave nectar! A real raw food revolution.

The same has been happening with skincare. First we have companies like Lush and The Body Shop leading the ‘natural beauty’ field (at least in their marketing literature anyway even if the products themselves were not so natural) then we had an influx of smaller companies suddenly producing really good natural skincare. Now there are mainstream companies offering organic ranges in the high street. I can only predict that the organic skincare of today will be the raw skincare of tomorrow, following the growing trends for raw foods.

Everything is evolving toward a higher state of being, even skincare. Start with a conventional product, next move to something more natural, evolve it to organic then evolve to raw organic. Raw skincare is so much more then a cosmetic application, raw organic skincare is a ‘skinfood’ feeding your skin cells from the outside, just as your raw diet feeds your cells from the inside.

My life work revolves around natural beauty and as part of that I teach others how to make holistic skincare products for fun or as a profession. The exciting news is that raw skincare is just as simple to make at home as natural organic skincare. We are living in a world where anything is possible, where beautiful ingredients we only could dream about before are now available at the click of a computer mouse. Now is the time to take a stand for raw beauty and make your own totally gorgeous rawganic beauty products — feed your skin with pure skinfood and watch yourself blossom before your eyes.

Sounds too good to be true? I have been making my own skincare for over 15 years now and each year I look younger than before, most people guess my age at between 19-24, I am actually 34! The proof of the raw pudding is in the eating however, so I invite you to try your hand at making and using this delicious facial treat:

Geraniummy dream cream

50g raw cacao butter
70g raw virgin coconut butter
20 drops organic geranium oil

Grate the cacao butter and place in a glass or enamel bowl with the coconut butter. Place the bowl over another bowl containing hot water. The steam from the hot water will melt the butters without actually heating them up. Once melted removed from heat source and add the essential oils. Place bowl into a tray of cold water and whisk the liquid until it blends and becomes solid again. Once it has become an opaque cream use a palette knife or for extra fun, try an icing nozzle and piping bag to transfer the cream to a pretty glass jar with a lid.

Use on clean skin as often as you like. The cream will keep for at least 6 months if stored in a dark, cool, dry place. Enjoy!

Star Kheracha

Star is the author of The Holistic Beauty Book and a Beauty Naturopath specialising in Rejuvenation and Raw Organic skincare. Her website features free recipes for healthy beautiful skin and offers training course in skincare formulation.

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