Best Supplements- MegaFood - by The Organic Bunny

Best Supplements- MegaFood - by The Organic Bunny

Because I have been on the quest for truly clean supplements for some time now, I just had to update you all that I have finally found a brand I feel great about supporting! Before finding the MegaFood brand, I was using many of the New Chapter vitamins because they were easy for me to access at local health markets, however, after I learned that they were sold to Proctor + Gamble, I personally wanted to find a new brand to support. While I appreciate that more and more big brands are hopping on the Organic + Natural train, it seems so contradicting for me to support a parent brand that still actively produces toxic products. So, while I applaud P+G for buying these Organic brands, I do hope that they clean up their entire roster to prove they’re not just in this for the trend.

With that being said, after I learned all of the above and was bummed I had to change vitamins, the more I researched about supplements, the more I realized how hard it was to produce a really quality one. Many smaller brands were not testing the products properly and so I was left wondering, will I ever find a brand I feel confident in supporting? Feeling frustrated, I emailed my go to girl, Food Babe to get her input on supplements and which she suggests. Sure enough, she also suggested MegaFood which made me feel even more confident with my choice to switch over to them.

Check out a few reasons why I am loving MegaFood!

  • They’ve been in business since 1973 and were some of the very first to make whole food supplements.
  • All products come from an ISO 9001 Certified Lab, tested to ensure all ingredients and products meet purity specifications and are free of gluten, dairy and soy.
  • Non-GMO Certified, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher + Free of Pesticides and Herbicides, Vegetarian, Vegan + Farm Fresh!
  • Organic ingredients are used when possible, however, most of the supplements are primarily Organic so the majority of them are!
  • All of their food comes fresh from authentic, passionate farmers they know and trust.

Current Favorite Supplements-

Now that you know why I love this brand, here are the supplements I am currently taking! I was previously taking their basic Women’s One Daily, as it’s an amazing supplement for women to take daily, however, I wanted to focus on my hair and skin so I am now taking their Skin, Nails & Hair 2 supplement and seeing a nice improvement in my overall skin, nail and hair health. Made with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, B6, Biotin, Zinc + more, this is a great option for anyone wanting to improve their hair, nails or skin from the inside out. Simply take 2 supplements a day and hopefully you will see the same improvements I have!

I also love these because they do not make my stomach hurt, even when taken on an empty stomach. This was a huge issue for me as in the past, taking vitamins made me super sick. They’re also not too large, I find these go down easy and really are never a pain to take.

What Other Supplements Does MegaFood Make?

Not sure if MegaFood is for you!? They have a ton, literally a tonnnn of different supplements the whole family can enjoy. From Thyroid and Prostate supplements to Kids Daily Multi supplements, this is really is an awesome brand to check out. Wondering where you can find MegaFood in stores? Head to their store locator feature here! I have lucked out and can find these easily at my local Sprouts, Jimbo’s and Whole Food Market.

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