Boost your vitamin D! - by The Superfood blog

Boost your vitamin D! - by The Superfood blog

Well the summer is at an end and the nights are drawing in. After a bit of a turbulent start, we’ve seen some lovely weather, haven’t we? I do hope you’re sensibly topping up your vitamin D stores with some sunbathing. The more naked you can be the better. Doxtor’s orders.

My summer so far has included doing my last two tantra weekends (yes, I got to do naked sunbathing, multitasking my inner personal transformation with my quest for perfect health!) and a festival being held on our land.

Wow… an actual festival on our land. Amazing.

It was small and safe for all the kids and I can’t wait until next year. I actually said to some of my friends I wish it was there all the time. I could go home to sleep and get changed and even have a Jacuzzi, and then I just walked across the meadow and was back in festival land again.

Over the few days it was here, my community neighbours slipped into a chilled and relaxed vibe that I’ve never seen before. I enjoyed a soundbath, yoga, a DNA restructuring healing, and I went through eight — yes eight — past lives. With my blankie so I could lie down, the bright sunshine on the hottest weekend of the year, my friends and Evie Popple Cake, I felt like I was in heaven.

A total stranger even came up to me and sang me a song, rhyming Shazzie with snazzy! Now she’s not a stranger!

Evie is already a free range child but this experience gave her another dimension. Free to roam in total safety. Also free to spend. £60 of her birthday money went on stones while her mother was having a healing. If it wasn’t for those crystal children….

Isn’t this how life should be? Community, things to do that you really want to do on your doorstep, children playing in a safe atmosphere, and love in everyone’s eyes? I think so, how about you?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s 2012… this is the year to make your dreams come true. It’s the age of love and the age of letting go… What we are about to receive will blow our tiny yet brilliant minds. I can’t wait, because my tiny brilliant mind can’t imagine anything better than this!


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