Chef’s Notes: Goji Berries by Julie Morris

Posted on December 08 2009

Between fancy food tricks alongside the seemingly neverending wave of annoying diet fads (that are sure to have your mother worried), it’s only natural that our skeptic wall to powerful “new” foods has become pretty thick.

I follow the rules of natural food. Does it grow out of the ground? Has it been used for a long time? Does it taste good? “Miracles” aside, does it have genuine health benefits? In the case of many potent superfoods, the answer is a simple, exciting, delicious yes. Which means, in my mind, let the party with the ancient gatherer foodies of Amazonian tribes, 6th century Chinese monks, and Mayan astrologers begin.

Recently, I shot a few informational videos for Navitas Naturals to talk about the benefits of a few of their superfood products. The videos turned out pretty fun, and are a great 101 on how to use these “new” foods. Here’s one on goji berries.

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