Chlorella – why is it such a popular choice for detox?

Chlorella – why is it such a popular choice for detox?

Advancements in science and technology, in our eternal pursuit of growth and prosperity, have delivered many benefits, particularly in the field of health care. On the flip side they have also contributed to a sustained build up of heavy metals and toxins that can have a negative impact on our body. Indeed the World Health Organization estimates that around 25 percent of all deaths in the developing world are directly attributable to environmental factors, whilst some researchers believe that pollution is responsible for up to 40 percent of global deaths annually. Fortunately, we can actively assist our bodies in the elimination of these dangerous pollutants by harnessing a number of natural superfoods that are renowned for their powerful ability to cleanse and detox. One of the most popular of these is the freshwater algae, chlorella.


What is chlorella?

Chlorella is a microscopic, deep green, freshwater algae with a diameter of between just 2 and 10 micrometres. Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘chloros’, which means green, and the Latin diminutive suffix, ‘ella’ which means small. Despite its size, chlorella is loaded with beneficial nutrients such as:

  • Protein – chlorella consists of around 45% protein
  • Vitamins – such as vitamins A, B9, C, E, K. Chlorella also contains vitamin B12, which is important in the manufacture of red blood cells and the formation of the nerves
  • Minerals  – including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Chlorella is incredibly rich in iron too, an essential mineral, which also assists in the manufacture of red blood cells
  • Antioxidants – which combat free radicals and prevent both damage and aging to our cells
  • DNA and RNA nucleic acids – that help to delay our body’s aging process
  • Alpha, beta and gamma PPAR’s (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors) – which help to regulate our metabolism, boost our immune system and promote general good health
  • Growth Factor – this helps to repair damage to our nerve tissue, making chlorella an ideal superfood for those suffering from degenerative brain and nerve disorders
  • Chlorophyll – in fact chlorella contains ten times more chlorophyll than spirulina. The relevance of this for detox is explained in more detail below.

Why is chlorella so popular for detox?

It is chlorella’s extremely high chlorophyll content that makes it the number one choice for detox. Chlorophyll is especially effective at protecting our liver and cleansing our blood. In turn, clean blood ensures that metabolic waste is removed and carried away from our bodily tissue.

Chlorella also boasts fibrous, tough cell walls that have a binding effect on toxins. And the large amounts of protein found in chlorella bind specifically to damaging heavy metals, allowing for faster and easier removal.

Lastly, consuming chlorella ‘alkalises’ our body and thus corrects a state known as ‘acidosis’ in which most disease thrives.

How can I use chlorella to detox?

Chlorella comes in a convenient tablet form that can be taken with a glass of spring water as well as a versatile powder that can be mixed into a variety of smoothies, shakes, protein drinks and (green) juices. It is recommended that you begin with a small dose of chlorella and gradually increase over the course of a few weeks to allow your body to adjust.


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