Could Putting Oils on your Belly Button Make Your Face Glow? - by Jesse Golden

Could Putting Oils on your Belly Button Make Your Face Glow? - by Jesse Golden

Did you know that what you put on your belly button can affect your face and other areas of your body and mind? Placing oils onto or into the belly button is an ancient Ayurvedic modality that has been used for centuries for common ailments, anti-aging and beauty regime. It even has the ability to affect and change your emotion and uplift your mood.

When you truly think about it, it makes sense. Our belly button represents where our umbilical cord was and that was attached to our placenta, which fed and nurtured us while in the womb. Our belly buttons remain the life line and life force that connects everything in our body.

All of The Golden Secrets products are multi-purpose for your face, body, hair, nails, mind and of course the belly button! Although all of our oils are completely absorbable and THE HEAL ALL oil is a dry oil, specifically designed for acne. Some still fear that oils will make them break out. It is the contrary with The Golden Secrets but if this speaks to you then try placing THE HEAL ALL on your belly button instead and watch your skin clear up.

Be mindful not to use toxic lotions on your skin, especially near your belly button as this can actually be the cause of the skin on your face looking dull and/or broken out and aging rapidly.

Try these options at night before bed. For quicker results, can be used 2-3 times per day.

Acne, sore joints, hair loss- THE HEAL ALL OIL

Anti-aging, dull/flaky skin and hair. Get glowy with -THE YOUTH BEAUTY FACE OIL

Immune support, Menstrual cramps, cracked, dry lips- THE GODDESS SHAPING BODY OIL

Hormonal support, lack of sex drive, scars, promote cell growth- THE APHRODISIAC GLOW BODY OIL

Speed up healing, anti-inflammatory, fight depression, sex problems (impotency,loss of libido)- THE SIGNATURE BLEND

Improve reproductive function and all of the above- THE SIGNATURE BLEND BODY/REFILL

Skin infections, memory loss, hormone balancing- KALEO-THE MASCULINE BLEND


* Remember everything is connected and everything you put onto your body matters as much as what you put into your body.