Could You Be Low On Magnesium?

Could You Be Low On Magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the most vital minerals. Magnesium rich foods include spinach, yogurt, almonds, black beans, avocado, banana, figs and dark chocolate. Unfortunately, most of us do not consume enough of this important nutrient. Moreover, the poor quality of the soil used in large-scale factory farms has caused a depletion in the level of magnesium in these foods.

Currently, it is estimated that 80% of people are magnesium deficient. Are you curious to find out what are causes and symptoms of magnesium deficiency? In this article, we explored causes of lack of magnesium, several important and common symptoms to look out for and ways to combat these symptoms.

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

There are many tell-tale signs of magnesium deficiency. Some of the most prominent symptoms include hypertension, cardiovascular and heart diseases as low levels of magnesium can lead cause stiffening of the arteries. A more noticeable and common symptom of lack of magnesium is muscle cramping, painful muscle spasms, and eye twitches. Magnesium deficiency can cause our muscle tissue to stiffen which leads to spasms and cramps.


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Researchers have shown that magnesium deficiency can negatively impact one’s mental health. Lack of magnesium has been shown to be correlated to anxiety, irritability and depression. Chronic fatigue or mental exhaustion can also be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is required to create energy in our cells. As a result, lower levels of magnesium can lead to low energy and lack of drive.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, magnesium deficiency can be the culprit. Magnesium has been referred to as the “ultimate relaxation mineral”. Magnesium relaxes the body and the mind, which assist us in achieving restful sleep.


How do we lose magnesium? What causes magnesium deficiency?

Our body loses our magnesium every day because of our daily functions, such as heartbeat and muscle movements. There are also other causes of magnesium deficiency and depletion. One of the causes of lack of magnesium is stress; physical and emotional stress. Stress, or anxiety, can lead to high levels of adrenal and cortisol, which are associated with decreased magnesium. During stressful situations, our body requires more use of magnesium.

Are you a coffee, tea or soda drinker? Another major causes of lower levels of magnesium is caffeine. Caffeine causes our kidneys to release magnesium, which puts us at risk of magnesium deficiency. Similarly, alcohol consumption and taking certain medications such as heart medication, birth control pills, and asthma medication, can lead to an increase of magnesium loss through excretion by the kidneys. A diet high in sugar and sodium can also lead to magnesium deficiency.


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The Solution

Although the symptoms of magnesium deficiency seem highly worrisome, incorporating a magnesium supplement can be a relatively simple way to resolve the problem at hand. While magnesium-rich foods or magnesium pills can be effective, it can also cause digestive issues. Moreover, dieticians estimated that magnesium absorption by the digestive system ranges from a mere 20% to, at best, 55% depending on the source. The rest of the magnesium is excreted by the body.

If you are seeking relief from any of the pesky symptoms, the best way to increase the level of magnesium in your body is to use topical or transdermal magnesium. Applying a magnesium solution can ensure that your body will absorb the mineral at a more efficient and faster rate. The magnesium can move directly into your blood streams and tissues to quickly replace and replenish the much needed magnesium without having to go through the kidneys. If you are seeking to resolve your symptoms and are considering a topical magnesium, try TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Gel. Our TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Oil and Gel are high-quality, powerful solutions designed to alleviate symptoms and restore the balance and magnesium levels in your body. Our Magnesium Oil and Gel contain pure ingredients and are made in small batches, which ensures the integrity and quality of each product.

For the fastest, most effective and convenient way to resolve symptoms of magnesium deficiency, try our Magnesium Oil and Gel. Simply rub the magnesium oil or gel on needed area to alleviate joint pain or stiffness, to treat skin rashes, to soften and smooth wrinkled skin, or to use as a massage oil for various areas. Our clients have reported feeling much calmer, having an increase of energy and have enjoyed being free of pain after using our Magnesium Oil and Gel.


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