Could you have hormonal imbalance?

Could you have hormonal imbalance?


Hormones affect a lot more than just your moods. Your hormones are responsible for how your body works, your metabolism, how fast your recover from injuries and your sleep patterns. As we age, hormone production can become imbalanced. The good news is that hormone imbalances are easily determined and can be managed. 

Worried you may have an imbalance? Here are some of the symptoms:

Weight Gain
As you get older, you may find that it is not easy to maintain your ideal weight as it was in the past. Your adrenal gland is in charge of producing cortisol, the stress hormone, and when the production is imbalance, weight gain can increase. 

Irritability and Mood
Estrogen affects the hormones that regulate your moods. Progesterone is also responsible for irritability and moods. Research shows that low levels of estrogen can cause depression, while low progesterone causes anxiety. Men may suffer from irritability, poor focus and depression due to low levels of testosterone. Your thyroid hormones, which affect both men and women, cause similar mood issues.

Cortisol levels, which are responsible for your stress, can cause fatigue and feel not well-rested even after a full 8-hour night of sleep. This hormone controls your circadian rhythm that allows you to remain in the restful, deep sleep. 

Weak Bones
Your thyroid gland can affect the calcium level in your blood. If you suffer from low thyroid levels, you may also have low calcium levels, which could cause your bones to become brittle. 

A quick and safe solution to hormonal imbalance is a high-quality homeopathic hormone supplements. Our Problen supplements are FDA regulated and registered, and are proven to be effective. From the Adrenal & DHEA booster to our Testosterone Booster, our Problen homeopathic sprays are perfect to help restore balance in your system. 


HGH (Original)

Human Growth Hormone in a homeopathic form, designed to treat all symptoms associated with low human growth hormone levels. Research shows the effects of HGH on patients deficient in the hormone can improve: body fat reduction, muscle mass, immune function, energy levels, bone density, skin tone and elasticity, sexual function and performance, reverse signs of aging and hair regrowth.


HGH Plus IGF-1 & IGF-2

Contains our #1 clinically tested formula and provides all of the benefits of HGH Original (previous) and more! Contains deer antler extract, which supports mental acuity, enhances physical performance, boosts the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, is rich in nutrient and can support faster and healthier hair growth.


Adrenal & DHEA

This is our cutting edge Adrenal & DHEA supplement designed to help balance your adrenal glands output and the anti-aging hormone DHEA. Your adrenal glands are largely responsible for your stress levels and play an important role in achieving optimal health. Adrenal fatigue is commonly the source of many ailment as a result of today's stressful lifestyle. 



Our Thyroid product is formulated to rebalance your thyroid gland output and to help combat the signs and symptoms of imbalanced thyroid hormones. Thyroid issues are a common problem in women and men, with unwanted weight gain being one of its biggest symptom.


This product contains bioidentical testosterone designed to help your body improve testosterone and balance the male androgens to each individual's own optimum level without side effects. This could help improve poor muscle and fat ratio.