Diet food list – top 5 unusual diet foods that work

Diet food list – top 5 unusual diet foods that work

The UK is currently in the grip of an unprecedented obesity crisis – more than 50% of us are now either overweight or obese, putting a massive strain on our health and placing an immense burden on our ailing NHS. Yet, as 98% of all diets fail, including fad diets such as the F-Plan diet, the Atkins diet and the No Carb diet, it’s time to rethink our entire approach to dieting.

Diet food list

The superfood diet food list

The problem with most diets is that they encourage your body into a so-called ‘starvation mode’, which slows down your metabolism and ultimately frustrates any long-term weight loss. The answer doesn’t lie in cutting out certain foods or food groups, but rather in supplementing your healthy, balanced diet with nutrient dense superfoods that nourish your body and promote natural, sustainable weight loss.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our very own diet food list, featuring 5 unusual diet (super) foods that really work.

Diet food list item no. 1 – raw chocolate

Raw chocolate had to top our diet food list simply because so many of us assume it to be fattening. Naturally, it all depends on what type of chocolate you choose – regular chocolate is brimming with refined sugars and fattening dairy products that are best avoided if you want to drop a dress size. Raw chocolate on the other hand is prepared from raw cacao, a supreme superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other wholesome ingredients that can help us to feel fuller for longer and actively champion weight loss. Raw cacao is high in chromium for example, a trace element scientifically linked to tangible decreases in body fat and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI’s), which act as potent appetite suppressors. And as scrumptious raw chocolate bars are sweetened using nutritious superfoods such as delicious agave syrup, you can indulge in your favourite treat with a clear conscience.

Diet food list item no. 2 – wild African mango

Wild African mango ranks number two on our diet food list as studies have proven that this exotic superfood can lead to demonstrable weight loss, without making any other changes to your existing diet or exercise regime. That’s because African mango is high in soluble fibre and contains a number of unique, fat busting substances such as adiponectin, which regulates our appetite and signals satiety and leptin, which speeds up our metabolism and increases our glucose absorption. This tempting superfood can be enjoyed as a filling snack between meals or added to breakfast cereals, desserts and even savoury dishes such as salads.

Diet food list item no.3 – Acai berry powder

The third offering on our diet food list is acai berry powder – yummy acai berries from Brazil rank extremely low on the glycaemic index, contain exceptionally low amounts of sugar for a fruit and are crammed with healthy nutrients including fibre and essential fatty acids. Adding acai berry powder to your favourite smoothies, shakes and juices will keep hunger pangs at bay, enable you to process your food more quickly, reduce your sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. No wonder they also featured in Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Top 10 Superfoods’ list!

Diet food list item no.4 – chia seeds

Chia seeds are yet another superb source of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids and they too score incredibly low on the glycaemic index. Incorporating chia seeds into your diet will help slow down your absorption of carbs, reduce your need for sugar and, as they contain a large amount of fibre and absorb lots of water, will dramatically reduce your feelings of hunger. Chia seeds also star on our diet food list thanks partly to their amazing versatility – they can be sprinkled liberally into soups, salads and sauces, scattered generously over breakfast cereals and desserts or added to your choice of smoothies and shakes. And, when soaked in water, chia seeds form a useful gel that makes the perfect base for puddings and biscuits and can be used to thicken tea.

Diet food list item no. 5 – coconut oil

No diet food list would be complete without coconut oil! Fragrant coconut oil is loaded with vegetable saturated fatty acids that not only result in beautiful skin, but also a trim figure. In fact, scientific research has repeatedly linked the triglycerides found in this aromatic superfood to an increase in our metabolism, which manifests in rapid and sustained weight loss. Coconut oil can be used as a healthy replacement for your standard cooking oil, stirred into to drinks and desserts or enjoyed as a tempting spread straight from the jar.

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