Eco-Conscious Apps: A Feature + Giveaway from Orange Harp & Juniper Ridge

Eco-Conscious Apps: A Feature + Giveaway from Orange Harp & Juniper Ridge

Like most, I probably spend too much time on my mobile device. That being said, a lot of that time is being spent connecting with you lovelies over Instagram, Twitter & the likes, some of that time is being channeled for “conscious consumption”. When I say consumption, I don’t just mean great recipe apps (two of my favourites you should check out are 30 Raw by EarthSprout and DeliciouslyElla), but also for shopping consciously.

Conscious Consumption

Something that resonates with Living Pretty Naturally is living consciously in how I consume. That is where this post comes in.

One way I “consciously consume” is through Etsy.  I love supporting small businesses and artisans that are doing what they love and making beautiful creations in the process. I really love the Etsy app, and I do a lot of my shopping on there. Some of my recent buys include a stoneware garlic/ginger grater handmade by Lofficina ($18 USD). She makes beautiful pieces for the kitchen and ships internationally. I swear by this grater, especially for ginger, which tends to become wasted in traditional graters.

Other recent buys (which you might have seen on my Instagram posts) are my bracelets from LifeForceEnergy. She makes beautiful creations from gemstones, precious woods and beads, with so much love. Each piece is Reiki charged and comes with a kind note and lovely packaging. My last purchase from her was this beautiful heart chakra set with rose quartz, lepidolite and tourmaline:

Introducing Orange Harp

And while I still love Etsy, I have to admit, a new player on the stage is making things very interesting in the conscious consumption space – Orange Harp. In order to make conscious consumption the norm, they have “foregone the preachy approach and … built a curated marketplace [with] and picked brands that are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but shattering the misconception that products like theirs are boring or unstylish.”

What the Free iOS app, Orange Harp does so differently is how it brings the story of the brands to life. Through their app they’re empowering both the small businesses and consumers to be open and transparent. When browsing the app, I can connect with the brand’s mission, view their work, and get inspired.

Co-foundes Kacie & Anbu are inspired by the missions, creativity, and social responsibility of their brands. They wanted a way for brands to tell their stories and create a long-lasting relationship with the consumer.

By seamlessly weaving video, images, and text within the app, users discover the heart and soul behind the products and have a story to carry with them after they purchase.

So What’s on the App?

Orange Harp has a great combination of brands in clothing, accessories, jewelry and beauty. While their list of brands is still growing, with each new addition comes thoughtful stories, content and of course, products. You can shop and keep track of your favourites from anywhere you please.

You can download the app for iOS here for free.

Juniper Ridge & Orange Harp Giveaway!

One brand I want to highlight is Juniper Ridge which specialize in wild fragrances. With a tagline of #mountainsinabottle I guess you can’t argue with that. The curators creators are backpackers and hikers, who distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry! While I haven’t had the chance to smell it, they focus on colognes, room fresheners, tea, incense and soap.

Check out this unreal company in this 1 minute video of them actually distilling along the West Coast. The imagery make me miss home – a truly majestic journey to create the most natural in fragrance …

Orange Harp and Juniper Ridge teamed up for another LPN giveaway, the last of the month! The winner will receive the White Sage Campfire Incense – made only with wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bark found hiking the backcountry. No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume.

Need a little refresher on the importance of natural home fragrance? Check out LPN’s post here!

 How to Enter

That’s it!

Don’t forget to download the Orange Harp app!

Big Hugs from Oslo,



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