Facial Oils 101 – Facial Oil Feature Precursor

Facial Oils 101 – Facial Oil Feature Precursor

I have been working for months for two posts; one of which is the best in facial oils. This feature, coming at you soon, is taking place after months of trying every facial oil I could get my hands on from around the world. In a short while you will be seeing LPN’s Guide to Best Facial Oils of 2013. But, before I get there, I wanted to partner up with Jennifer from a dermatological practice in San Francisco, to bring you a special post that answers a few questions such as: What are these ingredients good for? And which is best for you?

Properties of Oils

Oils have been used for ages for their powerful antioxidant properties, as well as their healing and purifying benefits. Research has shown the healing values of essential oils to be extraordinary. They are used to naturally treat a number of health issues such as arthritis, congestion, digestive issues, joint pain, stress and of course, skin conditions. Knowing that there are hundreds of essential oils, it’s important to know which ones are the most effective in treating your condition. Here is a little guide to help you on the path of soothing and healing — of course with a little focus on skincare. While many of these oils are powerful when taken internally, do not do so without the guidance of a trained practitioner. Further, ensure that any oils you are using internally are therapeutic grade. 

Hope this helps you uncover the oils best for you. Interested in treating ailments with essential oils? Look around your town for a qualified practitioner (Registered Clinical Herbalist or Aromatherapist). There are many oils that are powerful in their properties, and some of which can contradict certain conditions.

Stay tuned for LPN’s Best in Natural Oils, coming soon!



Some notes about Jennifer:

Jennifer works for a medical dermatology practice in San Francisco.  She has two kittens and loves to write about all things beauty, women, health and fitness! This San Francisco Dermatologist promotes heart healthy, natural and organic ingredients within natural skin care treatments but also provides cosmetic dermatology to those in need such as acne treatment, microdermabrasion and Fraxel Laser treatments.

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