Hemp Protein Powder – Awesome For Athletes

Hemp Protein Powder – Awesome For Athletes

Many of our most active customers like nothing more than a rigorous workout at their local gym. So, they’re naturally keen to know which protein powder is best for boosting energy levels, enhancing performance, burning fat, promoting muscle development, repair and recovery and generally refuelling their bodies.

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We’re always quick to recommend hemp protein powder and here’s why…

Hemp protein powder at a glance

The hemp plant, which belongs to the mulberry family, is one of the oldest plants on earth. It’s thought to have originated in Central Asia and has been used by the ancient Indians, Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians and indigenous tribes of Central America since the Stone Age.

Hemp protein powder is a powerful vegetable protein that contains a variety of special nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein (hemp protein is one of the richest sources of vegetable protein in the world and has a similar nutritional profile to milk, meat and eggs), fibre and phytonutrients that not only promote muscle growth and improved endurance, but also help to delay the signs of aging, maintain a strong heart and blood vessels and encourage radiant looking skin. In addition, hemp protein powder is packed with vitamin E, chlorophyll, every essential amino acid, alpha, beta and gamma globulin and a huge selection of valuable minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, platinum, phosphorus, sulphur, boron, nickel, germanium, tin, iodine, chromium, silver and lithium, making it the obvious choice for serious sportsmen and women in addition to vegans, vegetarians, raw food fans or anyone else who wants to follow a healthy, balanced diet.

Hemp protein powder – awesome for athletes!

Hemp protein powder is a particularly beneficial superfood for those who enjoy:

  • Running, cycling, climbing and swimming – endurance athletes such as triathletes and marathon runners need access to high protein foods that are easy for the body to digest quickly and without using too much energy. Hemp protein powder contains the highest percentage of Edestin of all plant species and Edestin is considered the most edible and readily digestible form of protein by far.
  • Bodybuilders – hemp protein powder is ideal for body builders because of the extremely high quantities of protein that it contains. Your body needs around 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound in body weight to support healthy muscle development. Hemp protein powder is also a great source of energy and is perfect for aiding muscle repair and recovery after a punishing session at the gym.
  • Body sculptors and dieters – it has been scientifically proven that a diet high in protein and low in carbs, in combination with regular exercise, will produce significant weight loss results. The protein in hemp protein powder takes longer to digest than ordinary protein, ensuring you feel fuller for longer and demonstrably decreases body fat whilst simultaneously increasing muscle mass and definition.

Frequently asked questions

Is hemp protein powder narcotic?

No – hemp protein powder is derived from industrial hemp, which is also used to make textiles and paper and, unlike marijuana, has virtually no psychoactive effects.

How can I use hemp protein powder?

Hemp protein powder boasts a deliciously creamy, slightly nutty flavour that’s utterly delicious when stirred into shakes, smoothies, juices and protein drinks.  And, as it contains absolutely no gluten, hemp protein powder can also be enjoyed by those on a gluten free diet.

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