Himalayan Pink Salt – bathe in luxury

Himalayan Pink Salt – bathe in luxury

There’s nothing quite like steeping yourself, teabag-like, in a bath of steaming hot water after a day out in autumnal downpours and bluster. For the eco-conscious this is a perfect time to put your ‘green’ money where your mouth is and bathe with a friend to save water, even better get the whole family in there (if they’ll fit) and have a fun splashy time.

While you lay there ensconced in the warm womb-like water capsule, enjoy a little potion magic with a wonderful spicy bath powder, sprinkled into the tub like fairy dust. Let the earthy spices relax and warm the body while the fragrant rose lifts the spirits and offers a sweetly scented promise of another summer.

This bath potion is a really gorgeous gift to give a special friend for their birthday or to hand out in small muslin bags at an equinox gathering.

So, fill your bath with joy, add your freshly made spicy bath powder and let nature embrace you.

Spicy Rose bath powder (Vegan)

Shelf-life: Will keep for 6 months
Skin types: Suitable for all


100g Himalayan Pink Salt Fine
100g fragrant rose petals
20g clove powder
20g cinnamon powder
5 drops Geranium essential oil

How to make

1. Grind the rose petals to a fine powder in a coffee mill
2. Mix the dry ingredients in the bowl
3. Add the essential oil while stirring.
4. Put the salts in a pretty jar

How to use

Chuck a handful of spicy salts into a warm bath and swish the water about to dissolve the salt.
If bathing with young children, you can put your salts in a small muslin bag first so that any annoying ‘bits’ don’t escape into the water to irritate young skins.

Star xx

Star is the author of The Holistic Beauty Book and a Beauty Naturopath specialising in Rejuvenation and Raw Organic skincare. Her website www.starkhechara.com features free recipes for healthy beautiful skin and offers training course in skincare formulation.

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