How To Switch from Toxic Makeup to Natural Makeup - by The Organic Bunny

How To Switch from Toxic Makeup to Natural Makeup - by The Organic Bunny

Because I get asked the same handful of questions a few times a day, I figured I would write a blog on exactly how I made the switch from toxic makeup to natural makeup, hopefully making the switch easier for those looking to do the same. I want to start off by saying I love makeup, I have had a beauty blog since 2009 and can’t quite live without a solid smokey eye and golden tan, however, the more I would read about what was in my favorite products, the more grossed out I became.

I have read a few studies now that claim over 75% of today’s cancer cases are caused by things we are putting in and on ourselves. Sickening isn’t it? To know the food we eat, the makeup we wear, the lotion we slather on, the water we drink, all is making us terminally ill? I had to make a change asap. So, January 1, 2015, I made a promise to myself that I would only wear safe products from there on out.

I, at one point, was just like you, overwhelmed and at a complete loss as to how I would start over 100%. What items should I replace first? What products are the worst for me? How will I replace my favorite Estee Lauder foundation? And will the new one even hold up? Instead of allowing myself to panic, I decided that I would just start slowly, replacing items one by one as I could. The very best advice I can start with is, do not allow yourself to be so overwhelmed that you take no action, instead, just start small and the rest will fall into place. To make this switch just a little easier, here are a few of the steps I took to switch from toxic makeup to natural makeup.

How To Switch from Toxic Makeup to Natural Makeup

How To Switch from Toxic Makeup to Natural Makeup-

The very first step in this entire process is to want to change. I was sick and tired of companies lying to me about their products being safe for me, so, I began to research on my own. I highly suggest everyone downloads the Think Dirty app, this app will let you scan all of your beauty products to see exactly what is in them, scoring the product ‘s ingredients on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the worst. It will also warn you of carcinogens, hormone disruptors and other harmful side effects of the scanned product. I told myself I would throw out every single product that was above a 7, and for sure throwaway anything that came back as a possible carcinogen.

Step 1- Scan all of your beauty products with the Think Dirty application. Commit to throwing out anything above a 7 and ALL carcinogens. There is no product out there worth giving yourself cancer.


Step 2– Make a list of all of the products that were 8, 9 & 10’s and this will be where you start replacing. Be sure to scan everythinggg though– Face lotion, body wash, hand soap, deodorant, night cream, hair spray, toothpaste, tanning creams, nail polish, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, face foundation, face powder, lipsticks etc. etc… Every single product you are using each day should be checked.

Step 3- Pay extra attention to the items you are using more frequently. For example, every single day I use body wash, toothpaste, face wash, skin care, lotion, face foundation, gel nail polish, lipstick, and mascara. Because I use those every single day, those were the most important products for me to replace. It may seem like such a small amount of makeup that is getting into your bloodstream, but if you think about it, if everything you are using, every single day is bad, that will corrupt your bloodstream faster than you imagine.

Step 4- Now that you know what products you use each day, and have scanned them all to see which are the worst, and which aren’t too bad, aim for replacing one new product a week if you can. That means once a week you will throw out a bad guy and pick up a new guy instead.

Example, my favorite body wash by Aveeno was a filthy product and I had no idea! Discovering it was scored a disgusting 10/10 and crawling with carcinogens and other toxic chemicals, I had to throw it out asap. Just knowing what you want to replace alone is a huge step, once you know what has to go, the rest is easy.

Now that you are ready to toss out the old and welcome in the new, healthier, natural lines, where should you start? Well, this is the hardest part because no two people are the same, so, what works for me, may not work for you. Replacing products will be a trial and error process and you have to be ok with that. Buying makeup online is hard, you can’t see the colors, you can’t try it on and you most likely can not return it so I would suggest starting with companies that offer samples of their products to start.

Step 5- Order samples or a few products from organic or natural lines to try some items out. Most samples are super affordable, all under $4 each. Some lines that offer samples, that I have actually liked are:

  1. Organic Bunny– Because I have tried hundreds of products, I finally started my own online store to carry my all-time favorite items. I would start here, browsing through the menu for different categories to see if you find anything exciting you’d like to try! Every single product has been researched and tested by me personally so you can trust it’s clean enough for me and high performance.
  2. Alima Pure– They are known for having awesome face powder, Sombra Contour Powder, and blushes. Their samples are huge too!
  3. Red Apple Lipstick– Their lipsticks are not super bold, but they make for great everyday wear options. I love the color “Naughty” for every day.
  4. Zuii Organic– They have great samples of lipsticks, shimmery blushes, bronzers, concealers, shadows and more!
  5. Lauren Brooke– I really love these items, she makes the best shimmery products and lipsticks and offers samples of them all! Nice sized samples as well.
  6. Au Naturale– Another awesome organic line that offers samples! Try out their foundations, concealers, powders & more!


Step 6– If you do want to order some products online, or even just samples, and do not know what color to pick, every single brand will help you pick out the best color for you if you email them. Simply select a clear image of your skin or current makeup colors and email it to them. They will help you color match no problem.

Step 7– Because there are so many other products that need replacing, the only real way to ever replace them all is to just keep your eyes out for healthier options, at all times, by following accounts like mine { @organicbunny } and any other green beauty bloggers on Instagram. If you search the #greenbeauty #organicbeauty #naturalmakeup tags on Instagram, you will find a handful of cool accounts to follow to keep you in the know of all things natural. These girls can recommend skin care and other products for you, usually offering full reviews for you to read before you buy.

I also have a HUGE list of my all-time favorite products, ones I have personally tested, tried and loved over and over. To see my faves list, click here.


Step 8– Stop buying makeup and skincare from mainstream retailers like Sephora, Lush, CVS, Rite Aid, MAC, etc. etc… almost all of these places sell makeup to the masses which means cheap, low-quality, toxic ingredients are used. Start shopping at Whole Foods or health markets, as they have higher standards for their products, which usually means they are better options. Always read your labels though, bad guys can sneak into these stores. I use my Think Dirty App for all product shopping. If you must shop at Nordstrom or Sephora, brands I like from there are Tata Harper, Jane Iredale and Eco Brow!

Step 9- Subscribe to an Organic or Non-Toxic beauty box! This is a great way to continuously try out new products! I actually just started my very own box, to solve this exact problem! I know a lot of girls are short on time so I do the work for you! Once a month I send out a reusable, GLAM box, packed full of 6-8 of my favorite products each month. The box comes with FREE 2-day shipping and features Organic snacks, coffees, teas, makeup, skincare, household products like laundry soap or stain removers, dental products and more! Basically, if it works amazing, and isn’t bad for you, you will find it in this box! You can find more info over at!

I know that the above sounds very time-consuming and complicated, but it really became fun for me the more I did it. I love finding the bad guys, throwing them out and replacing them with products that are safer for me, it really feels so good to know I am making the best choices possible for my body. I will continue to share my tips with you all, and always welcome any emails to help make this process a little easier for you. If I have left anything out, please let me know in the comments below, but for now, I hope this was an informative post on how to switch from toxic makeup to natural makeup.

Here is a finished result of what Natural & Organic makeup can do.



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