Making chocolate the easy way {VIDEO}

Making chocolate the easy way {VIDEO}

Notice the quiet around here? Yeah, me too. I have a guilty conscience when it comes to this website, and although the brief hiatus of posts here may not be something you one day tell your grandchildren about, it has nonetheless made a haunting impression on my mental “to do” list.

But!  Onward and upward. And by upward, I of course mean chocolate. February is the season of romance so the stores tell us, which if you’re like me, implies that it’s time to rack your brains for some kind of non-commercial, heart-felt, homemade gift that shows you didn’t seccumb to blind consumerism (. . . but also didn’t take up too much time). This year, my gift answer is an extra easy one – making little valentine chocolates from scratch and putting them in clever candy molds. Since I’m making quite a few batches, I’m using this amazingly easy kit from Navitas Naturals. The kit produces an exceptional chocolate that contains no sugar, no dairy, no gluten — just pure and natural (delicious) superfood awesomeness.  Trust me, there’s no better feeling than giving something that’s truly caring . . . well, that and getting the credit for being a magically creative chocolate maker person.

Here’s the video I made with Navitas. Check out the chocolate 101:

Love it? Get the superfood chocolate kit here.

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