Mulberries – 6 beautiful benefits for skin and hair

Mulberries – 6 beautiful benefits for skin and hair

Organic mulberries are an intensely sweet variety of superfruit that grows on the mulberry bush (Morus) – a deciduous tree that belongs to the Moraceae family and thrives in warm, subtropical regions. Bursting with beneficial nutrients including protein, fibre, vitamins A, C, E and K, minerals such as iron and calcium, antioxidants, resveratrol and anthocyanin, organic mulberries can offer an impressive range of important health benefits.

Organic mulberries

Organic mulberries – silkworm staple and traditional Chinese remedy

Indeed these anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory berries, which are a staple of silkworm and considered an important remedy in Chinese medicine, can help to boost the immune system, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system (reducing the risk of heart disease and tumours), actively lower blood sugar levels (making them a useful superfood for diabetics), delay the signs of aging and even improve vision. In addition, organic mulberries are also incredibly good for skin and hair. Below we highlight six beautiful benefits for skin and hair that can be enjoyed simply by incorporating delicious organic mulberries into your regular diet.

Organic mulberries – 6 beautiful benefits for skin and hair

If you frequently suffer from dry, damaged or aging skin or thin, greying hair, then organic mulberries may be just the tonic.

Organic mulberries 3 benefits for skin

Organic mulberries offer the following three amazing benefits for skin:

1) Organic mulberries protect skin from the unwelcome signs of aging 

Organic mulberries are rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene – antioxidants are renowned for their impressive ability to neutralise free radicals that can cause damage to skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, organic mulberries contain vitamins A (which, according to the NHS is important for keeping skin healthy) and C and E. Maryon Stewart, founder of the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service, believes that wrinkles are caused by ‘a possible lack of vitamins A, C and E and also selenium and zinc’.

2) Organic mulberries leave facial skin spot- and blemish-free

Organic mulberries help to regulate melanin synthesis – a naturally rejuvenating process that forms a protective covering in the inner layers of the epidermis, absorbing UV rays and inhibiting their penetration. This process helps to clear spots, blemishes and other skin irregularities, leaving it pure, clean and benefitting from a radiant glow.

3) Organic mulberries provide effective relief from dry skin

Organic mulberries contain both vitamins A and E – Maryon Stewart (of the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service) claims that ‘dry skin is probably due to a lack of vitamins A and E, and a deficiency of essential fatty acids in your diet.’ Organic mulberries also help to balance internal moisture and body fluid production, which prevents the dehydration of skin and explains why they are such a common ingredient in bath and body care products, such as soap and bath salts.

Organic mulberries 3 benefits for hair

Organic mulberries also offer the following three surprising benefits for hair:

1) Organic mulberries prevent premature greying

As our body ages our melanin production diminishes and hair becomes lighter, eventually turning grey. Organic mulberries trigger melanin production in the hair follicles, allowing it to retain its natural colour for longer.

2) Organic mulberries combat thinning hair and hair loss

The iron in organic mulberries helps our body’s cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Too little iron (anaemia) is a major cause of hair loss, particularly in women. Their vitamin C content also keeps hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating, avoiding the onset of hair thinning and hair loss. In fact, when applied directly to hair, organic mulberry juice acts as a powerful natural remedy for hair loss, reviving hair roots and stimulating healthy hair growth, making it a safe and cheap alternative to costly chemical or surgical treatments.

3) Organic mulberries eliminate dandruff

Organic mulberries are rich in vitamin A, which helps to manufacture the oils that both sustain your scalp and eliminate troublesome dandruff.

More mulberries please!

Due to their intensely sweet, honey-like flavour, organic mulberries are a common ingredient in jams and wines. You can enjoy organic mulberries as a delicious superfood snack straight from the bag or try adding them to a variety of tempting rawfood recipes, including raw chocolate and raw desserts.

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