My Current Skincare Routine by The Organic Bunny

My Current Skincare Routine by The Organic Bunny

My personal skincare routine is for sure my most requested topic so, I decided to sit down and write it all out. While I do review new items all of the time, I still have my staple routine that I stick to the majority of the time, adding new products here and there as needed. I find that it is good to mix your skincare routine up over time, but, for the most part, my skin responds the best using a handful of quality brands like Kypris, Tata Harper, May Lindstrom etc…

Yes, some of their skincare items are pricey, but considering my face absorbs SO much of the product, twice a day, I don’t skimp on skincare because it’s something that is very valuable to me. I want great skin so I invest money and time into a good routine. I do know that everyone wants great skin, even those on a budget, which is why I try to share so many unique lines, hoping each person can find one in their price range that works best for them! So, curious what my must-have skincare items are? Here you go, coupon codes included, just look for {code} next to each item! My code is always organicbunny when shopping.

My Current Skincare Routine-

Face Wash

I am still super in love with my Organic, Wild-Harvested Born Skincare face wash. I am a sucker for a foaming face wash that never leaves my skin dry or with leftover makeup on and this one does the trick. I do not like using a makeup remover product so it’s nice that this wash removes makeup making it a hassle free, safe wash. It also smells amazing and is boyfriend approved. This is still his favorite face wash too, we actually fight over it.

Toning Mist

I do not use these every single day, instead, when I am feeling a little dry. My favorite toning mists are by TN Botanicals and Tata Harper. Both smell great and leave my face feeling so clean and refreshed, I love them! {code}

AM Routine

Once I have washed and dried my skin, the first thing I apply is the Kypris Antioxidant Dew. I’ve always wanted hydrated, dewy skin, and Kypris has made this possible. The Antioxidant Dew is a thin, light serum you apply to your entire face and neck to restore strength, vitality, and radiance to the skin with three distinct forms of antioxidants and 24 different active, natural ingredients. I can not live without this as my first step in skin care.

After I apply the Antioxidant Dew, I let that dry for 5 minutes or so and then apply a very small amount of the Kypris Beauty Elixir III. This elixir is a 100% active formula full of free radical quenching CoQ10, collagen-inspiring Vitamin C ester, and a rainbow of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and natural actives. I love using this serum to help improve my skin’s elasticity, suppleness and to combat damaging free radicals from forming. It’s also amazing at diminishing discoloration from the sun and healing irritated, dry skin. For those with sensitive skin, this serum is made without essential oils to ensure no irritation occurs.

This serum can be used both morning and night, serving as the perfect base for makeup, especially for those with very dry skin like me. Because this is an oil, I only use a small amount in the AM, if you apply too much, your makeup can look too oily. Once you apply this oil, let it absorb into your skin for about 10 minutes before applying makeup. {code}

PM Routine- 

My morning and nighttime routine are pretty much the same, I simply adjust the amount I use since the products are able to saturate in while I sleep. After cleansing my makeup off with the Born Skincare face wash, I then apply the same amount of Antioxidant Dew, let it dry, and then apply a heavier dose of the Beauty Elixer III. Because this serum is packed full of 18 active and natural ingredients, I really like letting it sit on my skin overnight, allowing all of the nourishing ingredients ample time to soak in. The more moisturized your skin is while you sleep = lesser chance of wrinkles forming, which is why I always coat my face with a nice layer of this serum before bed. {code}


Anti-Wrinkle Lotion-

This Tata Harper Elixr Vitae is a new addition to my PM routine and whoa, I sure do wish I could have a lifetime supply of this magic in a bottle. This supercharged, nano-weight antiaging treatment offers immediate wrinkle reduction effects by visibly smoothing the skin’s surface and filling the look of fine lines, topically delivering the visual effect of an injectable. So many skincare products promise things they just can’t achieve, but this product is not one of them. I genuinely can see this product working, almost instantly my face looks smoother and healthier within 24 hours of using it. In just 2 hours this product begins to relax muscle contractions, in 24 hours it creates noticeably smoother skin, in 28 days wrinkles begin to diminish, in 30 days crow’s feet are reduced, and in 42 days deep wrinkles are known to decrease by up to 39%.

Considering the results are so amazing, it’s no wonder this product retails for $365.00. Yes, this is a pricey product, but if you’re in search of a non-toxic anti-wrinkle cream that genuinely works, this would be it. I use this product every other few days or so, in place of the Antioxidant Dew.

Face Mask-

Before discovering The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom, I was never a huge fan of facemasks. Now? Now I want to use face masks all hours of the day, in fact, I have this on right now as I work. This face mask is such a luxurious mask, made from an exquisite union of Raw Honey, White Halloysite Clay, Macadamia Nut Oil, Cocoa, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Witch Hazel and more, gently freeing your skin from the day’s pollutants and then infusing it with active enzymes and nourishment to restore optimal hydration.

This can be used as a daily face wash or as a face mask, I personally love applying this before I shower to protect my skin from drying out, letting it sit well after I get out and then rinsing it off after a few hours. You do not have to let it sit for hours to work, I just enjoy it soaking in for as long as possible when time permits. This mask is a product I know every single person will be obsessed with, it’s truly amazing. {code}

Spot Treatment-

While I do not get too many blemishes, when I do, I turn to the amazing Kypris Clearing Serum. This serum is fantastic for treating problem areas, quickly clearing them up in 24-48 hours. This works great for fussy, hormone imbalanced skin as it fights back against acne-causing bacteria, all while depositing nourishing ingredients back into the skin like Willow Bark, which heals, and restores imbalanced skin.

To use this, simply apply to the irritated, problematic areas and watch it get to work! This can also be used all over to prevent future breakouts. {code}

Coupon Code-

As you can see, I get almost all of my non-toxic, Organic skincare from Citrine Beauty, which is why I am super excited to offer you all a weekend only code to shop her site 15% OFF! This really is a rare discount on some of the absolute best skincare to ever exist so I hope it helps save a few bucks all while giving you the chance to try out some of my favorites!

Melissa, the owner of Citrine, also is amazing at personalized skin care consultations, simply shoot her an email with your needs or concerns and she will give you a complimentary skincare analyzation with product suggestions to try. You can then use code organicbunny to shop her site 15% OFF.


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