New book: Superfood Juices

New book: Superfood Juices


I am absolutely over the moon excited to share that my third book, SUPERFOOD JUICES, is hitting the shelves April 15! Even after a year of working on this project, I have to say, I gasped a little when I held it in its published form in my hands for the first time – call it mama’s pride if you will, but this beautiful book is so packed with healthy goodness and love it really shines … and I can’t wait to get it in wellness-minded households everywhere.

A little about the book: though it’s not a sequel to SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES per se, it is a partner book for sure. Like making smoothies, creating homemade fresh juices is something that can benefit absolutely everyone. Making those juices with superfoods, which are foods that are highly dense in micronutrients, takes that liquid nutrition (and flavor) one giant step further. This book shows you not just how to juice successfully, but how to make the most out of every sip.

Check back soon for tour dates and schedule! And in the meantime, you can get a copy on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, Williams Sonoma and more. Thank you for all of your support, and here’s to next-level juices!


Why did you write this book?
Because I LOVE fresh juices. I’ve loved them actually since I was a teenager, when I got a juicer at the ripe old age of 15 (it was mostly just carrot-apple juice back then). I can honestly say that nothing makes me feel better than fresh pressed juice, but only if it’s done right. Especially with juices becoming more popular, there are a lot of juices on the market that don’t make the most of their health-giving opportunity. Why just juice an apple and a carrot (such as in my case, many years ago), when you can add heaps of additional vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and energy-giving phytochemicals at the same time, thanks to superfoods! I felt like we should be making the most out of each and every time we juice – the results are so profoundly rewarding.

So what are superfoods?
I define superfoods as the most nutrient-dense (aka benefits per calorie), benefit-rich foods in the world. This includes many locally available fresh foods like kale, strawberries, and turmeric … and also includes superfoods that are cherished on a more global level, like chia seeds and sea buckthorn berries. Every superfood has its benefits, each is unique. These are not “weird” ingredients just for the sake of being “different” – each is there for a purpose, which is explained in the pantry section of the book.

Do I need a juicer for this book?
Tecnically you do not – I do outline how to make juices via a blender in the book. However, if you plan on making juicing a part of your everyday lifestyle, I highly recommend getting one … it is a WONDERFUL investment in your health!

Do you have a brand of juicer you use or recommend?
For all the recipes in the book, I used a Breville Juice Fountain Pro, which is my personal machine of choice. I have had many juicers before, and I like this one the best because it is easy to clean and makes juices very quickly. Though I always loved juices, I went from hating the practice of juicing (The time! The clean-up! UGH.) to totally loving it…thanks to the efficiency of this juicer.

Do I have to get all the “fancy” superfoods to make the recipes in this book?
In a word, no. First of all, you’ll likely note that the same group of superfoods are used over and over again … so you won’t buy an ingredient “just for one recipe.” The specialty superfoods also last for a very long time, thanks to their highly condensed nutrition and small serving size. Plus, if you have either of my other books, Superfood Kitchen or Superfood Smoothies, you’ll find many other types of recipes that use the same superfood ingredient. This way, you can start with getting a couple that sound the most interesting, and still have plenty of recipes to choose from. Then you can try a new superfood every few weeks, as a food/health adventure, and build your pantry over time!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t you work for a superfood company? Are you just trying to push products?
I actually work with many companies as a recipe developer, and yes, many of them are superfood companies. I’ve also been the executive chef at Navitas Naturals for the last 6 years, which is a big part of the reason why I know how these superfoods work in the kitchen so well in the first place — this is how I accrued the experience and knowlege to write books on the subject! But, JUST for the record, I am not, nor have I ever been, paid to write my cookbooks by any food company – the books are written entirely by me as a result of personal passion of superfoods, as I stand by and believe in the subject matter a thousand percent. I present ideas, I don’t push products (and superfoods are just whole foods, not patented products anyways). It’s that simple. I believe we all should be educated about these foods, which are at minimum helpful, energizing, and fun … and have the potential to be as great as absolutely life-changing (as they were for me). Knowledge is DEFINTIELY power when it comes to the subject of health, and creating recipes with these popular AND lesser-known superfoods is my way of putting that power into the hands of others.

Where do I get some of the lesser-known superfood ingredients?
It’s true there are a small collection of specialty superfoods that cannot be found in the average supermarket (YET!!!). If you live near a natural food store or health store like Whole Foods, try there first. If not, ordering online is SO easy (and as I said, these foods last for months). Page 203 of Superfood Juices offers the list of my personal sources that I know and trust. Or, a simple google search will bring you up plenty of results, including discount retailers like Amazon. It’s surprisingly easy, regardless of where you live!

Cheers to YOUR next-level health! Preview Superfood Juices here.

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