Organic Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Intelligent Nutrients Moisturizer Review

Organic Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Intelligent Nutrients Moisturizer Review

I’ve talked loads about anti-aging foods, minerals and night treatments, but what about a moisturizer for during the day? For the past half year I have been trying out different moisturizers for day usage and finally found one that makes me smile.

Intelligent Nutrients (IN) is my new hero. They are a million wonderful things, but to start they are 100% nontoxic, certified organic and “intellimune”. Intellimune is a blend of nature’s powerhouse antioxidants including certified organic red raspberry, cranberry, black cumin, pumpkin and red grape. These lovelies help reduce inflammation, quench free radicals, slow unnecessary premature aging and, as the name suggests, boost your immune system.


IN’s Organic Anti-Aging Moisture is free of all the nasty silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, phalates and artificial fragrances. The only thing you smell is the glorious ylang ylang plant – one of the most luxurious and pretty essential oils in my eyes…err…nose. In fact, it is food grade. Yup, you can eat it. Further still — it is completely cruelty free (no fluffy bunnies were harmed in the making of their products), and if you’re a real green gal, you’ll also appreciate that all their products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

How to Use?

I use this moisturizer in the mornings after cleansing and using my Uriage Spa Water. After applying this moisturizer (which is deceptively light, given that it does the trick for drier skin), I let it soak in and then slather on Kimberly Sayer’s Sunscreen – after that, my face is ready for the day – with or without makeup, the moisturizer is great.

How Much?

Intelligent Nutrients products are not cheap, but given all the natural goodness in them, I wouldn’t expect them to be. A 3 oz bottle retails for about $50 USD – well spent in my books. Also, because of the handy pump bottle, the product isn’t wasted during application.

Where to Buy:

Intelligent Nutrients Online

Where to Buy IN


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